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    LIVE Thirdphaseofmoon 6/22/2018

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    Live Thirdphaseofmoon 6/22/2018  

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    Bigfoot and its visual abilities EP-26

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    Chris from Alberta Canada and I have a discussion this week on several topics on the Sasquatch beginning with possible/probably visual abilities of the Sasquatch. Chris had his own Sasquatch encounter while on a hunting trip, his interview can be found on my show Witness of the unknown hosted by podbean. https://williamjevning.podbean.com/e/bigfoot-on-native-lands-in-alberta/?token=ff3d739a81d620dae6c303a03d693556
    Also if you have not seen my website I encourage you to check it out! at williamjevning.com we also have a facebook group page called the JRG Bigfoot research group page. I also have a youtube page, many of my shows are posted there also.

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    Haunted Artifacts

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    By listener request!! Tonight we will discuss haunted items and relics. Suddenly that great find at an appetite antique store might not seem as appealing! Join us as we discuss the theories behind spirit attachment to every day things.

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    Heather Moore, Director of the Ferry Plantation Museum in Va Beach, Va. The Museum was the 1st Court House in Princess Anne County and in on Native Burial Grounds, has been the site of hangings and other deaths which is probably why it is extremely haunted

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    Paranormal UK Radio - Kerry Trent Haggard - The Aurora UFO Incident

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    Irene and Mark talk with author Kerry Trent Haggard about the infamous Aurora Texas UFO incident of 1897.

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    Heidi Hollis - The Outlander: From Aliens to Angels

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    Heidi Hollis - The Outlander: From Aliens to Angels - get the download on all things Outlandish!!! www.HeidiHollis.com
    Heidi Hollis is a unique voice in this paranormally challenged world of ours. She is the first author to write about the topic of Shadow People and The Hat Man, giving them both their descriptive names to describe these dark menaces now interrupting lives around the globe. Heidi Hollis is the first to have taken them on in her book The Secret War, which details her personal story in dealing with Shadow People, and how positive and negative alien beings are connected to them!
    Her book, The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters, is proving to be one of the hottest paranormal books and topics out there! Hollis finally directly taps into the topic that has haunted her and the thousands who have contacted her over the years about this dark man seen worldwide. Nothing is held back as she delves into who The Hat Man is, what he's doing and how we can all stop him!  
    Hollis has a friendly approach to taking on unusual topics, using her personal journeys and healthy sense of humor as an example! Hollis’ acclaimed book, Jesus Is No Joke, is based on personal and on-the-level encounters with Jesus and visits to both Heaven and Hell. Her book Picture Prayers is based on a new method of prayer done visually as taught in an angelic encounter, which may one day lead us all to communicating telepathically with each other! 
    Hollis has been featured on various television and radio programs around the world.

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    Who shot JFK? (Part 1)

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    Colin McClaren is a detective from Australia who visited DFW on the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination. What did he uncover? Why was the AR15 ordered to be destroyed the following day? Why were so many witness accounts not taken before the Warren Commission? So much evidence was there on the day of the assassination, but only a detective would know what to do with that evidence. 
    Meet, Colin McClaren, the detective who took down the major mobs in Australia and came to America only to solve one of the most unanswered crimes ever. Join EW as he talks with Colin, together they present evidence and pieces of the puzzle. When you get that answer of "WHO SHOT JFK" your breath will be stolen forever. 

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    Battlefield Earth with Jim Marrs

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    Mr. Marrs has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, the Discovery, Learning and History Channels, This Morning America, Geraldo, Montel Williams, Today, Tech TV, The Larry King Show, George Noory and Art Bell radio programs along with numerous national and regional radio and TV shows.
    Elon Musk has come out on the September 1st SpaceX explosion at Cape Canaveral as not ruling out a UFO as the cause of the disaster.  This is an event that could be evidence of a malevolent alien factor as put forth in the international bestseller, Battlefield Earth.
    In 1977, NASA launched the space probe Voyager. One of its missions was to answer the question, "Is there intelligent life beyond our planet?" Residing on the Voyager was golden disc containing voices, music, images of plants and animals on Earth—it also contained an interstellar map to Earth.
    Since at least 2010, Stephen Hawking, famed physicist, has spoken publicly about his fears that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race the way a human might wipe out a colony of ants. He noted that human beings have a terrible history of mistreating, and even massacring, other human cultures that are less technologically advanced — why would an alien civilization be any different? Hawking stated, "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans."
    In 2012, Voyager 1 hit deep space.
    Jim Marrs will speak about the subject of alien life and what is the likelihood of getting an answer from outer space much like the scenario outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in his international bestseller, Battlefield Earth, where the Voyager was picked up by an alien probe which resulted in Man becoming an endangered species.

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    Paratalkradio on the Road #2 at Go Art Batavia & Melanie Elizabeth

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    The Go Art Building , Batavia NY.

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    The Invisible World - Episode 185

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    Its a crazy world out there and here is a bit of what's going on in it.  The Invisible World - Episode 185 gets back into the thick of things with episode chock full of paranormal and science news!  This time around we discuss new discoveries in the way we hear sound, the ability to walk up walls like the ol' webhead himself, hot updates on cold cases, mysterious bouts of memory loss, metallic hydrogen, and massive amounts of CIA documents now made public.  This, along with a fresh new UFO roundup including one man punching an alien in the face with pictoral proof, and more!
    To view some of the footage I'll be discussing, check out:
    And if you have a story you would like to share yourself, please email:

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    Art Bell

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     Miss X pays personal tribute to the King of the Supernatural and Paranormal, Art Bell.
      We will try to have the phone lines open for you to share your stories and memories of Art at 646-595-2579. Miss X was listening live this past weekend to Coast to Coast AM radio, the scariest radio show on the planet that was created by Art decades ago,  when she heard that Art had passed away. One of her immediate responses, after tears came to her eyes:   "Bye, Art. Maybe you have the answers now."