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Is there any proof Bigfoot exists?

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Bigfoot, Fact or Fiction?

The overwhelming majority of scientists will tell you that Bigfoot does not exist. Most scientists think Bigfoot is nothing more than a myth and a legend perpetuated by tale tales, mistakes, and hoaxes.

Perhaps the biggest factor in their conclusion is the complete lack of physical evidence of the creature. Although people repeatedly make claims to have found physical proof of Bigfoot's existence, such “evidence" repeatedly fails to prove anything…other than another hoax or misidentification has taken place.

Scientists also note that, for Bigfoot to exist in so many places, there would have to be a significant number of them alive in order to maintain a stable breeding population. They claim that, in today's world, such a large number of creatures simply could not go undiscovered.

Bigfoot enthusiasts, though, will point to “mounds" of evidence, including eyewitness accounts, photographs, videos, and even DNA evidence of the reality of Bigfoot. To date, though, none of these pieces of alleged evidence has proved to be trustworthy, according to most scientists.

Eyewitness accounts have often turned out to be elaborate hoaxes or outright lies told by people seeking a few moments of fame. Other accounts may be simple mistakes, such as believing a bear was Bigfoot.

Without any real proof that Bigfoot exists, why does the legend and myth of Bigfoot continue to grow? The answer is probably as simple as this: because so many people want it to be true. People are fascinated by the idea that there might be a hairy, ape-like creature hiding in the forests of the world, surviving in the wild for hundreds of years without any contact from modern society. Since there is really no way to conclusively prove that something like Bigfoot does not exist, the legend and myth will probably continue as long as people are alive to tell the tale. Long live Bigfoot!