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Join us for challenging discussions as we seek to see the Bible, theology, and culture through the prism of the authenic Hebrew language, customs and history. Be prepared for controversy as we separate Truth from falacy and the ancient paths from religious error and fads. If you are curious how far down the rabbit hole goes, and tired of tasting the "blue pill", join us at the deep end of the pool for a major paradigm shift. Check us out also at: http://www.yeshuacast.com/paradigm-radio and at http://beitmidrashardmore.wordpress.com/

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This week we are back and will be continuing our series on Moses and Elijah. In this episode we will show the contrasts and parallels of these two prophets. As we continue to lay down additional ground work, a mirror image will begin to emerge.

We continue this week expanding on the previous programs as we discuss the ministry of Moses and Elijah.

We continue with the fourth part in our series on Moses and Elijah by continuing to focus upon the ministry of Elijah as seen in John the Baptist. In addition, if time permits we will be looking closer into two main aspects. We will consider two... more

This is the third part in a series on the ministry of Moses and Elijah. We will look at some of the prophecies and their fulfillment of the prophet like Moses. How many today recognize this prophet? Is the Messiah that most people have been... more

Dale McCoyle will be here again this week as we continue our discussion of the ministry of Moses and Elijah. We will see that the Torah and the Prophets are personified by Moses and Elijah and that they are essential in seeing the true... more

Dale McCoyle from Two Witness Natzarim joins Paradigm Radio this week as we begin a new series on Moses and Elijah. Do the words of Moses and Elijah still ring out? How do they relate to the Messiah? Gain a greater appreciation for... more

Note: The audio quality is very bad during this episode for about the first 15 minutes or so, but then gets better. This week we continue our discussion of the mysterious urim and tummim. Translated as "lights and perfection," these... more

This week we continue in our Aleph-Tav series. (Aleph and Tav are the first and last letters in the Hebrew alphabet) Within a pocket behind the breastplate worn by the High Priest were two stones called the urim and thummim. We will... more

We continue our discussion of swords and plowshares by focusing upon Revelation 19. We intend on examining several themes and seeing how they relate. On this program, we intend on discussing the Aleph-Tav further as well as... more

This week we will continue with our discussion of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet by comparing and contasting swords and plowshares. This subject will help to broaden our view of the roles and aspects the of Messiah as... more