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News from the front lines is presented by Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor. Guests include plant prisoners, defendants, members, attorneys, doctors and many more! Join us ever Sunday morning for activist church and hear all the news from the front lines!

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HOST: Jenn Jackson, Founder & Editor of SPECIAL GUESTS: Follow us on TWITTER for up-to-date announcements on who our guests will be. 11:00-11:30 am Show Title: The Activist's Corner 11:30-12:00 pm Show Title: Drugs in the Marketplace 12:00-12:30 pm Show Title: Professionals Against Prohibition ~~~~~~~~~~SHOW INFO~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ACTIVIST'S CORNER: Meet today's most interesting activists in drug law reform and find out what creative means are being used to heighten public awareness of the need for drug law reform. DRUGS IN THE MARKETPLACE: Join us as we explore the damaging effects the war on drugs is having on both our US and Global economy. PROFESSIONALS AGAINST PROHIBITION: This is your opportunity to call in and chat about the war on drugs, share information on the topic at hand, or ask a question.
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Join Joe Grumbine, Host and Kristin Flor, Co-Host for News From the Front Lines! Guests include prisoners, defendants, doctors, members, attorneys and many more! Craig Cesal, serving Life in Prison, Eugene Fischer who was... more

Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor present "News From the Front Lines." Special guests include Stacey Theis, Kathie Z, Craig Cesal, and other defendants, prisoners, doctors, attornies and much more! This week we will hear from ex... more

News From the Front Lines presented by The Human Solution International, a 501c3, non-profit civil rights group. Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor host the show, delivering current news stories from across the nation and international! This... more

Listen to News from the Front Lines, with Joe Grumbine, host, and Kristin Flor, co-host. Regular guests include Eugene Fischer, Stacey Theis, Craig Cesal (serving life for our plant) . Guests include prisoners, defendants, attornies,... more

News From the Front Lines with Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor! Join us every Sunday to hear from defendants, prisoners, attornies, doctors and breaking news! Special regular guests include Craig Cesal, Eugene Fischer, Stacey Theis and... more

News From the Front Lines is presented by The Human Solution Internation in an attempt to END PROHIBITION 2014! Guests include Craig Cesal who is serving a life sentence for our plant! Eugene Fischer, Stacey Theis, Aaron Sandusky,... more

Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor present "News from the front lines." Special guests include Stacey Theis, Craig Cesal, and Eugene Fischer. Prisoners serving life sentences call the show to voice their injustices. Defendants call to tell they... more

Jessie Grimes interview

Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor present "News from the front lines." On this episode, we will introduce "The Delisi Project" to the world! Richard Delisi has was sentenced to life and has been in for 29 years! We will having special... more

an interview with Maya Schenwar part 2
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