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Hoodoo before the 1920's

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A continuation of Sunday's message. Pink Salt is a new occurance today with it being used as a condiment. Red Pepper is one of the "peppers" used to such extreme in cooking. They both deserve care when in use. Episode 419 : Pink Salt and Red Pepper................. LIVE on The Real Hoodoo
  • by The REAL HOODOO
  • in Paranormal
  • 01:00
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This is old Hoodoo! Salt and Pepper aren't used as much nowadays as it has been. It was a common "put down" formula in the times of The Real Hoodoo. This plus a few other things could be used to remove all the bad stuff from... more

Once more again we hear about the Lemps. A millionaire famiy that became one of the most haunted family's in the US. Hear about their debauchery and decedance from the late 1800's through early 1900's. They had it all and they did... more

This is the Lemps continued. They are more than just a story. They are a legend combined with a mystery. Why did they all, except one, die out? I'm sure this is one Tale which will keep you wondering! Episode 417: Timeless Tales of... more

Timeless Tales about the State of Missouri. The infamous Lemps are the first ones to be told about by us.- Episode 416: Timeless Tales of Hoodoo-Missouri Speaks...........LIVE on The Real Hoodoo

Before 1920 luck was something used just for gambling and games of chance. Using a Black Cat Bone a person could ensure their luck for games to come! Luck didn't have to be earned but something that was manipulated. So, to everyone... more

Before 1920 a person's problems were the main concern of that person and the local Hoodoo. The Hoodoo would try to get the person to take something which would be the fact of the problem. The person would try to get his problem... more

Before 1920 Hoodoo could have the average lover with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Using such things as Cinnamon Sticks they were able to draw a seemingly unconcerned object of love. There is no drawback today! A love can... more

Before 1920 success was something that was not enjoyed by the everyday worker. Success was a marvel…a new marvel to everyone. The successful people were the super-rich and powerful. But, success is the completion of an... more

Money is something that we all need and all cannot do without! Before 1920 Hoodoo took care of all the needs of the common folks. Using the silver dime, prosperity grew to such substantial proportions that everybody enjoyed it! Money... more

A Spirit Reading which has The Hoodoo Jack as it's instrument. The Hoodoo Jack can give more than just answers to questions. It can answer detailed questions as well. This is a Spirit Reading with much happening in it. Episode... more