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An American Empire? Was Putin Right?

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In 2005 Russia's President Vladimir Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union as "The greatest geopolitical catastrophe" of the 20th century.

Could he have been right? Did the Power Vacuum have a part to play in why we again find ourselves on the brink of thermonuclear war?

Now before all the knee jerk, frothing at the mouth, “Communist Sympathizer!” stuff starts, relax; I use it as a beginning point to discussion. I want to take a look at the Ukraine situation and the issue of Crimea.

  • What has led us to the point of conflict on the very boarders of Russia?
  • Why are we over there?
  • Should we be over there?
  • Have we become an Empire, requiring constant growth outward to loot, rather than producing and competing in the world market?
  • How does this serve the American People (Remember them?)
  • What made America great? Is there any of that still applicable?
  • Just what is “America” and why are we “Over there- Everywhere!”
  • If World War III starts, who provoked it and why?
  • Do we, America, still have the "Moral High ground"?
  • Cui Bon? Who Benifits?