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Pan-African Forum is a social and political show that focus on issues that promotes African nationalism and unity. I encourage all people of African descent to promote pride unity leadership spiritual understanding and economic empowerment. To follow in the foot steps of our ancestors. Lead our people from the bondage and the mental slavery that have been impose upon us. Only through unity and the spirit of Pan-Africanism can we forge true freedom for ourselves and future generations to come.

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It has been said that the martial arts was created in the oreint. Is that the truth? There are evidence that the martial arts truly originated from Africa. I have some one who says other wise. That person Professor Thomas Mack a martial... more

Professor Thomas Mack

  • by Pan-AfricanForum
Professor Thomas R. Mack is the Soke Dai in Makoto Ryu Aikijujitsu . He holds the rank of Kyoshi Black Belt 7th. Degree.. Prof. Mack has training in Goshindo Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu, Hakko Ryu Aikijujitsu, and Karate. Professor Mack... more

On this show I will address the issue of the black nationalist movement in this country and aborad. The new awakening of the black nationalist movement and it's needed solution for people of African descent. I will also have as a... more

This Friday I will enter into three groups from Black Planet and discuss what are these groups talking about in their groups. The groups are Sexiest Women on DA planet,Investment in real estate,and Gay/Bi Thugs. So join me this friday to see... more

This show is Pan-AfricanForum throw down Wednesday. Where people can call in and discuss things that are on their mind. So join me on Wednesdays show and address your views and concerns on the show.

Information on INPDUM

  • by Pan-AfricanForum
Home About Us Campaigns News Get Involved Contact/Links Tuesday, December 11, 2007 About History Platform Constitution International Executive Cmte President InPDUM HISTORYInPDUM is a grassroots organization, led by... more

I will discuss the second amendment and how the amendment apply to African Americans. Should African Americans consider organizing and creating a national militia to represent their interest here in the U.S.

Second amendment and a national African American militia

  • by Pan-AfricanForum
On Saturdays show I will discuss how the second amendment to the U.S. constitution apply to African Americans. Should African Americans seriously give some thought on forming their own national militia group? To combat the... more