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My intent is to get the word out on two recently released books: "The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us" and "Come Out of Her, God's People: Don't Receive Her Plagues."Have you ever wondered about aliens and UFO's? Did you know that these beings are really fallen angels in Satan's army? These devils have been communicating by telepathy with mediums for more than a century. For example,new age mediums Helen Blavatsky and the mother of the New Age Movement, Alice Bailey were both contacted by fallen angels who pretended to be aliens. Called "channels" in our time, the communication between human beings and fallen angels unlock the key to Satan's primary endtime agenda---to infiltrate and take over all religions, including the Christian churches. Each broadcast will address the following questions: 1. Are these the last days prior to Jesus Chriist's return? 2. Does Satan have a seat in the organized church and if so, how did he get it? 3. Has Satan prevailed against the organized church but not the spiritual house? 4. Who are the fallen angels? 5. Is the Anti-Christ an angel, and many more such issues and questions. Pam has worn several hats in the body of Christ since 1981: a pastor, evangelist, teacher and now she is being prepared to be an endtime prophet. Licensed for several years to practice counseling in NYS, Pam is the author of 3 other books: To Curse the Root, The Making of a Prophet and Faces of the Religious Demon. For more info about Pam's unique telephone counseling practice, visit You can enter counseling with Pam from any part of the world, as long as you have a telephone, land line or cell. Pam also does email counseling.
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