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Industrial-Grade Podcast Hosting.

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Podcasters, from those just starting out to those with millions of listeners are choosing BTR as their platform of choice, find out why

You've got your microphone, and your podcasting studio set-up to record, and have polished up your basic audio editing skills to get started podcasting. Now you need a podcast media host that is cost effective, easy to use, and that can get your content everywhere - into iTunes and other podcast apps via RSS feeds, sharable across the web via attractive streaming players that enable listeners to play your content where they are, while increasing your chances of building up a good following. Aside from these basics, you need your podcast platform to be robust, able to deliver accurate industrial grade metrics you can make sound editorial decisions against, able to maximize the earning potential of your show as you grow (and not only when you hit superstar status). This platform also needs to be robust, performant, provide you with the support that you need, and treat you fairly. The new BlogTalkRadio is just that platform.

"The team has consistently worked with me to maximize revenue opportunities, and to pair my show with sponsors that are a great fit for me and my audience. They’re a wonderful partner in this endeavor, and I’m very grateful for everything they do."
Seth Andrews, Host of the Thinking Atheist

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Our simple $12 podcast hosting plan will scale with you as you grow. Try now for 30 days and if you don't like our services, we will help you move.

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  • - Upload and publish your episodes easily
  • - Get your own podcast RSS feed for iTunes and other podcatchers
  • - Share, Embed, and Stream your episodes everywhere
  • - Transmit every episode in high quality audio at 128kbps and at 44.1khz/16 bit
  • - Access our additional built-in audience of millions of listeners on www.blogtalkradio.com
  • - Get our market-leading publisher-grade metrics that counts real human activity, not bots
  • - Monetize and maximize earnings on every listen with our market leading dynamic podcast ad insertion system. Earn the lion's share of revenues made against your content.
  • - One click to import all your past episodes, and when you leave we help make sure your subscribers move with you.

Tools to help you start, grow and operate your podcast




Monthly Content Added UNLIMITED Tune your show frequency to your audience demands, not by how much you pay. Be free to adjust as you learn.
Media Storage 500 Hrs to Unlimited Generous storage hours that scale as you grow. Content you import in your first month does not count towards initial limit.
Sound Quality 128kbps, 44.1khz, 16 Bit Your uploaded episodes are delivered in CD-Quality sampling fidelity, while being optimized for delivery to end listeners
Robust RSS Feed Generation + Hosting ? Robust RSS Feed hosting (99.99% Uptime) and Episode syndication to iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocketcasts and many more. Keep your subscribers when you leave.
Embeddable Streaming Audio Player ? With BTR's attractive embeddable streaming audio player, you can embed and share your content to where your listeners are on your site, and in Facebook and Twitter (full twitter integration).
Show Profile and Episode Pages ? Your content is also additionally featured on BlogTalkRadio.com, visited by millions of podcast listeners a month
SEO Tools ? Tools that aid in discovery of your show and episodes on the web, in social media, and in iTunes and other podcatchers
Advanced Metrics ? Measure only real human activity, not bots (this is harder to do well than it sounds). Our new publisher-grade data platform is based on mature digital media experience honed over the past 16-17 years, not nascent podcasting industry techniques. Get feedback on show and episode level listening, referral sources, time boxed performance, Listener engagement and more. Better measurement = better editorial decisions and more credibility with sponsors.
RevenueEngine ? Capitalize on BTR's market leading dynamic ad insertion platform and revenue team to maximize your revenue potential across ALL your listening activity, through a rich mix of sponsorship and advertising instruments, including but not limited to Live Reads, Native Content and Spot advertising. RevenueEngine outperforms prevailing monetization methods by up to 6x. You get the lion's share (as is fair), transparent accounting, and no, you don't have to wait till you have 5000 listens per episode to start earning.
Learning Center ? Learning resources informed by data, award winning podcast production experience, and proven radio programming expertise, not amateurs or hearsay. Get proven advice around show design, episode design and formats, programming techniques, Interview skills, editing skills, data-informed editorial strategies and much more.
Power Your Podcast Website ? Simple Integration with your wordpress site via our strategic partner. Total operating costs will be lower than alternatives.
Platform Policies Podcaster-Centric Our platform policies are extremely podcaster centric. Retain full ownership of your content, maintain your independence, gain the lion's share of revenues earned against it, guarantee mobility of your subscribers when you leave.

Get Started with us now

Our simple $12 podcast hosting plan will scale with you as you grow. Try now for 30 days and if you don't like our services, we will help you move.

The New BlogTalkRadio | Our Journey Thus Far

Since January of 2014, BlogTalkRadio has been undergoing a quiet revolution. Our team, from bottom to the top has been completely restructured. We've only brought in people who are aligned with our new mission to help podcasters thrive and profit fairly from their work. While many creators still come to us for our interview studio, many professionals who produce content outside of our tools and upload full episodes have come to rely on our robust platform as a base for their podcasting enterprise and as a means to maintain their independence.

Their reasons are clear, through the years, the fundamental podcast media hosting and syndication components of our platform (we call these the 'basics') have gone through the painful process of scaling, and over the last three years, we've significantly improved the platform where it matters - better sound quality on delivered files, more robust RSS service, robust streaming and embeddable players, a new content management system, research and proven learning materials (not folk knowledge), a completely overhauled data platform that leapfrogs existing podcast measurement systems by drawing from proven techniques drawn from mature digital media(not the nascent podcasting space) to separate human activity from bots and deliver actionable data to help inform editorial decisions, to our market leading dynamic podcast ad insertion system that was the first of its kind to launch back in 2014 that has to date served over 250 million dynamically inserted ad impressions, and that has gone through the hard knocks of stabilization and scaling.

We are only just getting started, and would be privileged to serve you in your podcasting journey.