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Executive Team

Bob Charish

Chief Revenue Officer (& Co-Founder) BlogTalkRadio

Prior to Cinchcast, Bob was the COO of Xchange Telecom (a NY based CLEC) and MyPhoneCompany (a VOIP Telecom company). Prior to that Bob was Vice President of Pre-Paid services of Destia Communications. At Destia, Bob was responsible for managing the Pre-Paid card division, which he grew from $300K of annual revenue to over $110 million of annual revenue.

Andy Toh

Chief Architect & General Manager, BlogTalkRadio

Andy brings over 14 years of digital product strategy and operations experience in both B2B start-up and consumer Internet contexts. Prior to joining BlogTalkRadio, Andy was at About.com, a top 20 Internet property. He was responsible for restructuring About’s content operations across policy, content strategy best practices, SEO, content management platforms, decision support, and incentive models and also helped set up the Data Sciences team. Prior he was the head of product at TheNewsMarket.com, where he designed and managed a platform for delivering broadcast-quality video content to newsrooms around the world and across the web.

Team Leaders

Jay Soderberg

Head of Content

Candace Williams

Head of Community

Kevin Miller

Advertising Sales


James Gloster

VP of IT and Telephony

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