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When people want Free Podcast Hosting & Software, here's what they do…

Everyday professionals, experts & entertainers are podcasting and being heard by millions.

With BlogTalkRadio Premium membership, they have access to powerful and simple to use tools that allow them to create professional podcasts with just a phone and a computer. There is no fancy equipment or software needed and no need to store files.

With BlogTalkRadio Premium membership you'll be able to consistently deliver your message and grow your audience.

The World's largest online talk radio network as seen in...

"What I like about it is that you can maintain an archive of your shows right on Blogtalk's system and your account integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Ning, which makes it very easy to promote your shows."

—Dr. Ed James, Funerals and Fried Chicken

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"I signed on to BlogTalkRadio in 2009 and radio podcast segments have over 160k downloads and page views and continue to grow nationally and internationally. This format has been an amazing way for me to share, inform and tell the story in my own voice, featuring some of the top thought leaders in small business, marketing, careers and media."

—Deborah Shane, Deborah Shane Metropolis

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BlogTalkRadio is a "powerful marketing tool" behind many of the world's most famous brands...

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  • - No fancy equipment or podcasting software needed
  • - Podcast archiving, no need to store your files
  • - Powerful tools for simple publishing
  • - Easily embed and share everywhere
  • - Access to our built-in audience
  • - Interview anyone from anywhere with just a phone and a computer

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Every month, ask your burning questions to our team — and get prompt expert replies

Here are some testimonials we received from our customers on the tremendous support they received.

Very responsive and extremely helpful. In fact, I'm very interested in speaking to someone for BTR to promote your service at an event this Friday, 5/4 in Atlanta. I am a RAVING fan and would like to see others in my industry (franchising) use the service.

— Deb Evans, Social Geek Radio

Cynthia answered everything I needed to know in regards to billing, show content and packages available for purchase both professionally and efficiently. As a new host on TFWpodcast I was so hesitant moving forward with blogtalkradio as a provider, she completely reassured me and guaranteed our participation and ultimately our money moving forward.

— Angel Torres, The Final Word Podcast

Allan was professional, helpful, courteous, friendly, and very informative. He helped me not only with my immediate problem gave me input into other ways I can improve my show. Awesome response and awesome experience.

— Jackie Roberson, The World Revealed

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Don't just take our word for it — see what these leading Podcast professionals are saying about Premium membership

Jamey Duvall

Movie Geeks United

I work in healthcare, but movies are my passion. Sometimes it's even hard for ME to believe I'm interviewing the biggest names in Hollywood. The BlogTalkRadio forum allows us the freedom to explore our love of film in a manner you can't find anywhere else on the Internet. [We] feel so grateful to BlogTalkRadio for allowing us the opportunity to share these passions with a wide audience. Every member of the BTR team has shown us tremendous support and guidance every step of the way.

Gael Sylvia

Sylvia Global

I meet the most WONDERFUL people everywhere that I go and I learn from all of them. BlogTalkRadio allows me to introduce my global network of friends to people from all walks of life — non-profits with donors, listeners with entertainers, world leaders with the neighbor next door. In a short period of time, BTR has grown Sylvia Global's followers, but more importantly, it allows Sylvia Global to be a valuable resource in making a world of difference. Not to mention, it's FUN! The staff is accessible, patient and creative. As big as I want to take it, they help me find a way to deliver it around the world. Thank you, BTR! Thank you!


Amy McCracken

Variety Radio Online (The V.R.O.)

I started my BTR station 4 years ago as a way to blog about the entertainment world without having to write a blog. Four years later I have a team of hosts on air 2 times a day, 5 days a week interviewing and talking about the entertainment world. BTR has helped us grow our little website into a company and a name you might hear around Hollywood!
BlogTalkRadio has turned my ordinary life into something pretty amazing. I couldn't be living my dream if it wasn't for BlogTalkRadio.

Sree Sreenivasan

Columbia Journalism School

BlogTalkRadio is one of the most important tools available to journalists and media companies today. I've used it to do more than 200 shows (with more than two million listens) over the past four years and it has greatly increased the online reach and influence of both Columbia Journalism School and South Asian Journalists Association, two institutions that are already hugely successful in their respective fields. It's time for more folks to pay attention to BTR's potential.

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First, you get all these amazing tools

What You Get





Access to 1-on-1 training ? ? ?

BlogTalkRadio's unique technology
and comprehensive services help
the world's leading brands create
compelling, interactive
audio broadcasts.

Solutions include:
  • Branded networks on BlogTalkRadio
  • 100% content ownership
  • Scalable, white-label audio broadcasting & recording
  • Integration with
    existing content management systems
  • Behind the firewall options
  • Audience marketing
  • Production and
    talent services
Extended Airtime 2 hour show / day 3 hour show / day 3 hour show / day
Live concurrent callers 50 100 250
Promotional impressions per month 5,000 10,000 20,000
Prime time scheduling ? ? ?
Premium Studio ? ? ?
Customizable show profile banner ? ? ?
Upload, edit & replace episodes ? ? ?
Enhanced reporting ? ? ?
Priority Support ? ? ?
Toll-free host number   ? ?
No Audio/Video Ads   ? ?
No Banner Ads (Or Feature Your Own)     ?
Featured Show Status     ?
Live Streaming     ?

You also get these valuable resources

1-on-1 Training

A Simple Getting Started Guide

Access to BlogTalkRadio University, where you will learn how to:

  • Plan your show (i.e. securing guests, structuring show, setting up episode, etc.)
  • Market your show (i.e. promoting on social media, attracting advertisers & sponsors, etc.)
  • Use BlogTalkRadio technology (i.e. using the studio and other tools)
  • General Q&A sessions, where all your questions will be answered


Access to our Learning Center

Ten quick tips for preparing for your first show

Plus access to these extra features

Transcribe Your Shows:

Easily Reference and share great show moments and help more listeners find and enjoy your content with show transcripts.

Toll Free for Listeners

Easily add a Toll-Free Listener Number to your host profile to make it free and easy for your audience to call into your show.

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