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Create cross-continental conversations. Broadcast them live.

With BlogTalkRadio you can create and broadcast live radio conversations to and from anywhere in the world. Our studio makes hosting live call-ins from guests and broadcasting simultaneously as easy as possible.


There’s no longer the need to be in the same place to host great interviews.

Conduct live online conversations with guests, while simultaneously interacting with your audience - wherever they or you are. BlogTalkRadio’s Small plan lets you create powerful conversations with up to 50 guest / listener call-ins.

How does it work?

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    The voice is a powerful tool, use it to create a unique personality for your brand and in turn intimate relationships with your customers. Develop informative, tailor-made content and allow your brand to be seen as approachable and trustworthy by clients. Broadcast media lets you speak directly and on a level with listeners - a priceless commodity.

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    Engage your listeners in conversations

    Spark interest in your listeners by engaging them in your conversations. The live broadcast format allows you to host discussions and debates which can draw listeners in in real time. This means your audience will be as involved and passionate as those holding the conversation - the real bonus for you? You will have their undivided attention.

  • visibility

    Follow them during the day

    Be with your listeners throughout their day; wherever they are, you can be with them. The accessible nature of talk radio means that you can speak to your audience while they are going about their daily lives whatever they are doing, whether it be cooking, cleaning or driving. Broadcast media doesn’t require undivided attention like lots of others, making it extremely easy for listeners to consume and enjoy.

Choose Your Plan

Choose from one of our three upload and/or broadcast plans to find something which suits you and your business’s specific needs.


    With BlogTalkRadio’s Small plan you will be able to:

    • Create two hours of content per day

    • Host up to 50 guest / listener call-ins

    • Upload eight episodes per day

    • Be able to schedule prime time live broadcasts

    • Have unlimited media hosting and serving

    • Access to analytics to understand how your listeners tick.

    If you have a smaller business and want to give broadcasting a go without a heavy financial commitment, our Small plan is for you.


    With our Medium plan you get just that little bit more:

    • Three hours of broadcasting per day

    • Host up to 100 guest/listener call-ins

    • Upload eight episodes per day

    • Limitless media hosting and serving

    • Access to analytics

    • Prime time scheduling for live broadcasts

    • All of the standard features as included in the small plan.

    If you already know broadcasting is right for you and your business but don't need unlimited publishing options our Medium plan is for you.


    With our Large plan you get the full package - maximum broadcasting and visibility

    • Three hours of broadcasting per day

    • Up to 250 guest/listener call-ins

    • Unlimited uploads

    • Unlimited media hosting and serving

    • Prime time scheduling for live broadcasts

    • Ad-free pages on BTR.com

    • Analytics

    All of the standard features as in the Small plan.

    If you and your business don't want to be held back by constraints, our Large package is for you.