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Love Radio & Podcasts?

We're growing! Join us and help transform radio for the 21st century.

Open Positions

QA Engineer   Product Designer

The Mission

BlogTalkRadio is transforming how people experience radio. We want to help people create great podcasts and make money from it. We're building the tools to empower the individual host and the gateway for millions of people to discover them.

Passionate People

BlogTalkRadio is just 16 people working towards our shared vision. A small team means you can make a big impact.

Every one of us is passionate about building this vision. Many of host our own shows on BlogTalkRadio and all of us listen every day. We believe in the power of conversation and it's ability to connect people.

The Greatest City in the World

BlogTalkRadio is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, surrounded by great dining and shopping, with convenient access to public transportation. Our offices feature glass walls and 16-foot ceilings, and are flooded with natural light.

Empower You To Shine

  • Well Compensated Competitive salary, stock options and regular performance bonuses.
  • Careful Benefits Medical, dental, vision & life insurance including family; 401k plan; maternity & paternity leave and more.
  • The Tools You Need Cutting edge laptop & monitors, tablets & phones, continuing education and all the software you need.
  • Flex-Time and WFH We treat people like adults. Work from home or off-hours when you need.
  • Referral Bonus The best people know the best people. Refer a friend to a position and receive a cash bonus after 90 days.
  • Snacks, Caffeine & Whisky Our pantry is stocked with snacks, the fridge has beer and red bull (but don't mix them) and there's always whisky around if you know where to look.

Open Positions

  • QA Engineer

    Champion of Quality. Push tech to its limits.

  • Product Designer

    Craft solutions to help connect hosts and listeners. Delight our users.