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News Across the Wire Pagan Media

News Across the Wire Pagan Media


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Correction: In this episode in one interval I said DMX when It was 50cent I was speaking about. It was 50 cent that made that comment on twitter not DMX.

Will be discussing various news releases in both mainstream and non mainstream media.

Discussing Kevin Annett's Mock Trial with his Bogus Verdict.

Who is going to enforce the sentence. Does Annett and his cohorts have the legal mandate to support and back up their laughable bogus case. NO.

Is it usual for any legal proceedings to post their findings and affidavits on youtube. NO.

Elder Charlie Thompson disclosed how Annett got involved with Residential Schools and from the start he was lying about UN and helping the survivors.

The Survivors are the one and only voice that people should be listening to. If they felt that anybody like Kevin Annett was helping them they owed support him. Many of these survivors have spoken out against Kevin Annett and his lies while he makes his living off the donations he asks for constantly.

This has been done all before by Alfred Webre and I ask again upon finding the high profile defendents of Blair, Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, Cheney and their lawyers guilty how much time did any of them spennd in prison.

NOT one split second because Webre and his pals did not have the legal mandage or authority for thier trial nor to have their findings and sentences stick.

Same as Annett who is going to enforce their senentence. Nobody, because Kevin Annett and his pals do not have the legal, authority, background, mandate to hold al trial, sentence anyone nor apply those stentences to The Queen, The Pope, Stephen Harper.