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For five years the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel has produced weekly content of the Pagan flavor. Continuously growing, PMPC now offers a wide selection of news, views, music, and information to the Global Pagan community. Line-Up: Pagan-Musings Podcast with KaliSara and RevKess, Sundays at 7pm Central. Musica Pagani with RevKess, Saturdays at 7pm Central. Pagan Weekly News with RevKess and Zaracon, Thursdays at 9am Central. Sacred Oak Circle with Rev Gary, day and time subject to his schedule. PMPChannel also plays Selections from the Mess from KZUM-Lincoln's Murphy's Magic Mess and Lavender Hill from KZUM-Lincoln. Show notes available at Like us on Facebook (

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Samuel Wager has a long history as an organizer and volunteer - founded the Pagan Students Association at University of the Fraser Valley (1999). He founded the Pagans for Peace network for left-wing Pagans in 1983 and published its newsletter for twenty years until 2002. He was also the founding HP of the Pagans for Peace Tradition of Wicca, of the Gathering For Life On Earth religious retreat in 1991, the Congregationalist Witchcraft Association federal church in 1991, and the C. Wiccan A. of BC in 2004 (and consulted in the founding of the Alberta and Saskatchewan sister churches in 2007 and 2014). Wager coordinated the Canadian National Pagan Conference (2009) in Vancouver and served on its National Board (2007-2010). Samuel Wagar has written four books, The Uses of Ecstasy: Ritual and Practical Mysticism in Wicca, Creating Lore, Writing Ritual, Growing Wiccan Temples and Leaders, and his memior, I Know Where the Bodies are Buried, which was published on the 13th of January, the 20th anniversary of the start of the religious discrimination scandal when the BCNDP removed him as a candidate for being a Witch.
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First, we would like to apologize for the time slot confusion. Zaracon and RevKess are working out when is the BEST time for the two of them to do a show together that doesn't have one or the other exhausted or leave the listeners out in... more

RevKess and KaliSara are thrilled to host Celia on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel once again. It has been just over two years since her last visit on Musica Pagani. A lot has happened since then. In this musical edition of... more

By popular demand, this episode has been moved from its originally scheduled time slot to 9pm Central time. This should allow for more listeners to catch the show live. Well aware that the title may offend some, but it is a line from a... more

In this edition of PWN RevKess (and Zaracon) will focus a portion of the show on new releases in books and music for late summer and early fall. New age and Pagan music, Pagan and spiritual books. Some of the music will be featured... more

In the long awaited return of Musica Pagani RevKess brings you ten pieces of new age and Pagan music to sooth your spirit and heal your soul. Akasa - Paradise Reborn - Portal Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai - Space Within - Ritual... more

Pagan Pride Day season is just about here. The official event season kicks off with Lammas and concludes with Samhain (1 August through 31 October). Every seasons since PWN launched the hosts have spent some time talking about... more

On Sunday 20 July 2014, Murf, *K8, and Phil did a collection of weird music and songs on Murphy's Magic Mess. This edition of Selections contains the music Phil has podcast permission for. The edited version of the original show... more

These are the voyages of the podship Pagan-Musings. Its continuing mission to seek out new thoughts, new insights and new ways of doing boldy go where no one has gone before. KaliSara and RevKess have been doing... more

Nebraska State Legistilature candidate for District 46, James Michael Bowers, joined Corwin and Phil for this week's edition of Lavender Hill. His campaign manager, Daniel Lawhon, joined him on the air. Bowers is the first openly gay... more
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