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Sacred Chakra #4 The Only Way Out Is In Host Daya Devi-Doolin

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Daya Devi Doolin

Daya Devi Doolin


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From Living Words of Wisdom site and Sacred Chakra Centers site:  The Sacred 4th Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest. The Sanskrit word for it is Anahata Chakra meaning “un-struck.”  This chakra has subtle harmonies that can be likened to plucking or striking a musical instrument. It lies at the center of your subtle body and is linked to both physical and spiritual aspects. It can take energy from the upper chakras and transform it to be absorbed by the lower chakras.

In Balance
When this chakra is in balance you feel free yet grounded. You are accepting of yourself. You are trusting and compassionate.

Out of Balance


If this chakra is over-active you become too airy making it difficult to be grounded. You may feel lonely and afraid of being hurt.The heart chakra relates to the element of air, so we work with the breath. This is an exercise designed to expand the heart in all directions. Sitting in a comfortable meditation posture with spine erect, close your eyes and tune into your heart. If you can, feel your heartbeat. First begin gently breathing in and out getting a slow steady rhythm. Then imagine that you are inhaling in the left side (receptive) and expanding your heart out to the left. Take a few breaths here, then imagine expanding your heart to the right side (expressive) and feel your heart space widening. Then breathe into the bottom of your heart, deepening your compassion, for self and others. After a few breaths here, imagine you are breathing into the top of your heart, lifting the heart to blossom into the shoulders. Finally inhale, pushing your heart energy forward, out in the world. (Special thanks to the book Energize Your Heart, by Puran and Susanna Bair, for this exercise.)

Resources: http://sacredcenters.com/the-chakras/chakra-exercises/#top