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Packers Talk Radio Network is BlogTalkRadio's premier live network of shows about your Green Bay Packers! Listen for all our show throughout the season AND offseason. Cheesehead Radio: Our flagship show is CheeseheadRadio, featuring The Big Five formation of: C.D. Angeli, Jersey Al Bracco , Jayme Joers, Amanda Lawson, and John Rehor, along with The Mayor, Kyle Cousineau. Ol' Bag of Donuts: Chris Lempesis and Adam Somers bring their offbeat brand of podcasting to Packers Talk Radio Network, with the latest rumors, news, and prognostications about your Green Bay Packers. Visit their site at Packerpedia: For the best in Packers' talk, join Mike and Dan Conklin of as they tackle each issue from a "thinking man's" perspective. Both are lifelong Packer fans who are dedicated to bringing you the best in Packer perspectives and opinions. All Green Bay Packers Podcasts: The madcap gang from bring you a variety of weekly programming. Listen for the Packers Stock Report, the weekly Packer Prediction Show,and Game Balls and Lame Calls. The AlLGBP Pro Bowl roster consists of Adam Czech, Jason Perone, Kris Burke, Chad Torporski, Marques Eversoll, and Thomas Hobbes. Out of the Pocket: What happens when you bring together a born and bred Cheesehead, an Idaho Cowgirl turned Wisconsinite and a West Coast Hipster? Packers Football will never be the same. Colleen, Kelly and Richard bring their varied and entertaining perspectives to listeners of the Packers Talk Network.

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No Huddle Radio hunkers down to talk NFL Draft, including a special feature on the linebacker position group. Joining Jason, Kris and Thomas from will be NFL Draftnik, Justis Mosqueda of Optimum Scouting.... more
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In our weekly segment on Cheesehead Radio, Amanda Lawson interviews the Mayor of Green Bay and megawatt Packer fan, Kyle Cousineau, to get the latest scoop from the street right in the home of our Green Bay Packers. This week,... more

In our first segment of the show, Jayme, Amanda, Jersey Al, John, and CD desperately try to come up with the positives from the loss to the Cheifs, debate negativity vs analysis, and CD accidentally calls Mike McCarthy "cocky". Hilarity... more

Jersey Al Bracco and Jayme Joers bring this week's Packers news, as well as Gems from the Packers Twitterverse. Why did Brad Stanley say to get this week's "Tweet of the Week"? Tune in and get your dose of Packer News with... more

Tune in for the latest word from the Cheesehead Radio crew on a special night. Yes, this Wednesday, we will break down Sunday's disappointing loss to the Chiefs. We'll have some special guests on the show to both talk about where... more

Catch a Cheeshead Radio Interview with the amazing Sterling Brown of as he brings us up to speed on what the Packers will be facing this Sunday in Kansas City. Sterling is the host of Predators of the Prairie... more

Welcome to 13-0, as an undefeated season looms for the Packers. Our Pack take it to Kansas City for what should be their last away game until Indianapolis, and the crew will get you set up for this game. We'll be talking about the stock... more

Join Cheesehead Radio as we do our first gameday show LIVE, taking your calls as we prepare for 13-0 against the Oakland Raiders. We're going to talk about the stock sale, Andrew Quarless, and everything else that will set you up for today's... more

Amanda, John, CD, and Andrew Garda give you their game predictions and final scores for the 12/4/11 matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants. (7:15)

If you want a true football fanatic, look no further than our guest who eats, sleep, and breathes the NFL. Andrew Garda, who writes for CHTV, the Thundering Blurb, Football Guys, Bleacher Report, and does the Hard Count podcast sits... more

In our second roundtable discussion, John rants about Brett Favre's rumored return to social media, CD praises the Packers locker room leadership as it relates to the Erik Walden incident, and Amanda discusses Donald Driver's... more
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