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Packers Talk Radio Network is BlogTalkRadio's premier live network of shows about your Green Bay Packers! Listen for all our show throughout the season AND offseason. Cheesehead Radio: Our flagship show is CheeseheadRadio, featuring The Big Five formation of: C.D. Angeli, Jersey Al Bracco , Jayme Joers, Amanda Lawson, and John Rehor, along with The Mayor, Kyle Cousineau. Ol' Bag of Donuts: Chris Lempesis and Adam Somers bring their offbeat brand of podcasting to Packers Talk Radio Network, with the latest rumors, news, and prognostications about your Green Bay Packers. Visit their site at Packerpedia: For the best in Packers' talk, join Mike and Dan Conklin of as they tackle each issue from a "thinking man's" perspective. Both are lifelong Packer fans who are dedicated to bringing you the best in Packer perspectives and opinions. All Green Bay Packers Podcasts: The madcap gang from bring you a variety of weekly programming. Listen for the Packers Stock Report, the weekly Packer Prediction Show,and Game Balls and Lame Calls. The AlLGBP Pro Bowl roster consists of Adam Czech, Jason Perone, Kris Burke, Chad Torporski, Marques Eversoll, and Thomas Hobbes. Out of the Pocket: What happens when you bring together a born and bred Cheesehead, an Idaho Cowgirl turned Wisconsinite and a West Coast Hipster? Packers Football will never be the same. Colleen, Kelly and Richard bring their varied and entertaining perspectives to listeners of the Packers Talk Network.

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Join us for the breakdown of the Packers' second and third round picks on Cheesehead Radio, as Jersey Al, John, Jayme, Amanda, CD, and Kyle chime in on how Ted Thompson impressed us once again!

You think you have your mock drafts down pat? Don't make a move with your Packer picks until you tune in for the best draft talk with Jersey Al, John, Amanda, Jayme, CD, and Kyle. We'll break down the positions, the needs, and debate... more

The Cheesehead Radio crew come out of the offseason doldrums to bring you a great show, catching Packer fans up on what the offseason hath wrought for Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and crew. We also welcome Michael Neelson for a... more

In the second of our offseason Packer podcasts, the Cheesehead Radio crew bring you some of their thoughts in twenty minutes! This week, Amanda Lawson of PocketDoppler and Midwest Sports Fans gives us her scoop on... more

It's the first of our offseason podcast shows! Join CD, Jayme, John, Amanda, Kyle, and Jersey Al as we keep you posted on everything Packers in the lean months of winter. 0:20 Jayme and CD bring you Packer News and Tweets 6:00... more

In a stunning upset, the New York Giants ubruptly ended the Packers' Dream Season II. It was pretty clear that any momentum the Packers had churned out throughout the season ended on a cold day in January, as the Giants thoroughly... more

The Green Bay Packers are #ALLin the playoffs, and with the New York Giants coming to town, we've got all the Packer coverage you want! Join Jersey Al, Jayme, John, Kyle, and C.D. as we take you through Giants week! Joining us... more

You voted, we list them and talk about them...if Ted Thompson had to pick his core dozen players, shooting for the 2016 season and who is going to carry them through, who would you choose? Al, John, and CD break it down.

While it might have been the most meaningless game, the Packers closed out the 2011 regular season with what has to be considered the most entertaining of the year, with a nail-biter against the Lions led by backup quarterback (and... more

The Green Bay Packer have CLINCHED the NFC North AND the first seed in the playoffs, guaranteeing them homefield advantage all the way up to the NFC Championship! With one more quasi-meaningless game to play against the... more
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