Pacific Flyway Radio w/ special guest Justin Livingston of "Ragged Outdoors"

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We are talking calls, shots, decoys, dogs, boats, waders, video's and SMACK! This weeks guest is Justin Livingston of "Ragged Outdoors" Last year, RO put out a very down to earth video called "Trade Winds" Not high budget, guides or private preserves ... Nope, guys like you and I who have to sweat and call our way to all the ducks we get! Refreshing actually. RO now have "Trade Winds 2" out, just in time for the bug of this season to bite and you can view the trailor on YouTube or Facebook. It seems the boys have stepped it up this year! Check them out on the web at So, join us for 60min of talking shop ... or call in, either way, its going to be a GREAT kickoff for "Pacific Flyway Radio"
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