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About Open Your Mind University: Every great organization starts off as only an idea. The idea and vision for Open Your Mind University was dreamt back in 2005, but came together in 2008 with our mission statement "Changing Lives through Opening Minds “TM. Throughout our 8 years of study and experience we have seen great talent, and great minds go to waste. These great assets go to waste because of closed minded opinions! We created the University and Network to bring the great minds together in one place. “Out of site out of mind of the MASSES, we create 1%ERS! A 1%ER is an individual that understands the quote "If you continue to follow the masses, you will never exceed pass the middle classes." All great ideas and people have been ridiculed by majority opinion, but so have the great LEADERS of our times as well as our present LEADERS. Does this sound like you, or do you want this to be you? If so, then you have came across an environment and training site to help you bring all your dreams and goals to reality without majority opinion, but rather support and understanding. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best "Great minds discuss the future, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people". Are you the great mind searching for other great minds, or just an average Joe? This site and network were created for one purpose, to support and build Great Leaders and minds of the FUTURE! Albert Einstein said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. This has to be your time to shine, because we only get one life to live and this is not a soap opera, and we do not get the chance to go back in this precious thing we live day to day called LIFE! With the help of Open Your Mind University, live your PURPOSE today. Purpose, Passion, Prosperity TM>>>>>>>>>>> Visit our website at www.OYMToday.com and sign up for free!!!!

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Listen in as Joe Cross shares the adversity he had to overcome to get where he's at today. Let him explain the four balances in life needed to call yourself successful. Health~Spirituality~Finance/Career~Relationships. He will also share... more

Joe Cross and Open Your Mind University invites you to another discussion on the famou Laws of Attraction. World renowned by The Secret. Joe has been practicing the Laws of Attraction since 2002, and now trains people worldwide... more

Joe Cross Co-Founder and Ceo of Open Your Mind University will be teaching the art and principle LAws of Attraction. Joe started his first Business at 22, and has been building Teams, Networks and Companies using the Laws of Attraction.

Joe Cross will be discussing the 4 Aces of Life Attitude~Achievement~Association~Accountability

Listen in as Joe Cross, Vice President of Open Your Mind University, discusses the six basic fears of life and how they consume us. Which fear is holding YOU back???

Join Joe Cross as he speaks about the 30 reasons why people fail. Joe Cross is an author, entreprenuer, life coach and Vice President of Open Your Mind University.
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