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Helping students and professionals manage their career as a business - the CEO of Me, Inc.

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It's important to understand that as the CEO of Me, Inc. your actions and behaviors carry a significant level of consequences simply because you are gradually becoming more and more involved in the lives of others. It's very much like leaving a trail of trust transactions behind you wherever you go that's visible not only to those with whom you interact directly but those who learn of your reputation by association. Without ever intending to do it, your interactions with others leave a kind of trust fingerprint that's visible across the network so that others gradually learn how to measure your integrity, reliability, and willingness to reciprocate. Based on their assessments, they decide if you are worthy of their cooperation, respect — and, of course, trust. Find out more in this episode of Own Your Career with Rod Colon
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Great artist know it and so do Olympians. Successful people in nearly every field know that they can't be their best unless they have a good coach in their corner. And now the business world knows it, too: in a fast-paced, fluid, and dynamic... more

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Is all stress bad? How do we tell the difference? What is one thing that we can do that will help minimize stress at work and at home? How does an individual's personality play a role in stress management and the jobs that they choose?... more

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Writers Markirah Shaw and Tara Sosa are Rod Colon's guests in this episode of Own Your Career and discuss their project on Harnessing the Power of becoming the CEO of Me, Inc. Today's professional is faced with a potentially unnerving... more

It's well known in the career management space that many networkers and job seekers are afraid to pick up the phone and call potential decision-makers. They believe their nervousness will show up in the quality of their voice. Or maybe... more

Good follow-up alone elevates you above 95 percent of your peers. The follow-up is the hammer and nails of your networking strategy. In this episode of Own Your Career, Rod Colon covers the critical techniques necessary to manage your... more
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