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This radio show is owned and produced by MKEGreenworks LLC, a premiere design/build garden construction firm located just North of Metro Milwaukee along the shores of Lake Michigan. I been involved in the green industry since the age of 13 when I began working for a friend of the family who had a small nursery and design/build garden construction company. Fast forward 45+ years, after a degree in Landscape Architecture and operating our own design/build garden construction company for the past 25 years and I think I have more questions than answers. As the old saying goes, the more you know, the more you realize you have to learn. Gardening encompasses such a wide variety of specialties that one person cannot be an expert in all of the fields. My father's sarcastic definition of an expert is, for someone that comes from more than 25 miles away. He also said if someone ever says there is only one way to do things, pack your bags and run in the opposite direction. And my curiosity is probably a gift from my father who would take us to different factories when we would take vacations so we could see how things were made. That was back when liability issues were not such a big deal I guess. My gift of gab is from my mother who could talk to anyone. She would go skiing with us, but preferred to sit in the lodge and read a book and during lunch she could tell us about everyone that was sitting around us. I miss her......... On overthehedgerow we will be talking about all things green which includes visits to and interviews with a wide variety of interesting people from all walks of the green industry and beyond. We may also occasionally talk about our other passions such as sailing, biking and great dining. So stop and listen or better yet stop by and call and share your thoughts on all things green.....

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In this episode we will talk about Commmunity Supported Agriculture. Do you want fresh food direct from a neighborhood farm? We will be talking to the owners of a couple of CSA's, one North of Milwuakee and one Southwest of... more

Setting your garden up for success during the season requires a little work in the spring. Let's talk about pre-emergent weed control, slow release fertilizers, opening your water garden, checking your low voltage lights and any other... more

You just can't beat waterfront property, but even with the downturn in the real estate market, most of us are not living on Lake Michigan. So what's the answer? Make your own waterfront property. Let's talk water features tonight.... more

I am not big on making New Years Resolutions, because they usually last as long as an ice cream cone on a hot day in August. Or here in Milwaukee as long as a frozen custard from Kopp's in August. Let's talk about some good intentions we... more

I know, sometimes winter can seem like it goes on forever and it is only December. And then all of a sudden it is April 15th and you haven't filed your taxes, ordered your perennials or taken down your Christmas tree. Stop by and... more

Do you have a gardener on your shopping list? Then stop by and let's share some ideas for that hard to buy for gardener. How about an idiot stick......yes, my wife says it was named after me! Or a watering wand, one size fits all or maybe a... more

This is a truly a test of this technology. After you get past the first 2 or 3 minutes of me trying to figure all the technology out, you will actually get some fall gardening tips although my thought pattern is interrupted due to me talking,... more