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Overcoming the Gauntlet

Overcoming the Gauntlet


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OTG is presented by WTPN. News and events from a libertarian perspective, discussed with guests who are on the front lines of the liberty movement.

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There is a balkanization of the freedom movement. The lines are starting to be clearer and the enemies of freedom are relishing their progress.We the individuals in our separate nations are being hammared every day from nearly every... more

As of Tuesday morning, I haven't decided what I'm going to talk about on Thursday, except to say that I will start where I left off with the last show.But rest assured, I'm sure there will be some stupid antics by government somewhere to... more

Taking a survey of the relevant news that probably isn't being covered on the major networks so that you can be informed about what is actually going on in the world and here at home in the U.S.

This show will be a continuation of June 27th's show. In it we will delve into the underlying reasons for the conflicts that have sprang up in the Middle East and the purpose of the deposition of multiple governments.The media paints it as... more

As the nation celebrates Independence Day, I see it as important that we assert once again why the Colonies revolted against Great Britain, whom many saw as their national identity, took pride in and diligently sought to mend the... more

What is going on in Syria? Can we actually dissect what the actual news is and not get pulled into the propaganda of governments on the war path?Today we're going to talk about the conflict in Syria and what the involvement of the United... more

Continuing the talk started on the 20th, regarding the Federal Reserve, the nature of our banking system and the direction it is all heading, today we will delve into the news further on the topics that are relevant to future developments and the... more

Today we'll be talking about the news in general and the Federal Reserve specifically. What does their activity affect essentially and what is that activity exactly?

First episode of Overcoming the Gauntlet and it couldn't be more aptly timed. We're going to talk about one of the issues that comprises the aparatus of the socialist state system we find ourselves in and how it reveals the atitude that... more