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Dr Kevin Ross Emery

Outside the Box With Dr Kevin


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Spiritually rebellious, transformational and anything but politically correct, Outside The Box with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery takes spiritually based discussion to the next level. With co-host Dara Jane, he looks at the world through a spiritual lens, focusing on practical ways to bring more empowerment into your life, through developing skills and giving you tools. Dr. Kevin’s been called a spiritual catalyst and the psychic sledgehammer, keeping a more divinely loving spiritual agenda as part of the world stage. Dara reels him in, balances him, and brings her sharp and insightful perspective. Planetary Influences with Dr. Lyn and a revolving set of co-hosts and guests add to the mix.

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Today, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery interviews Kevin P. Duffus, author of The Lost Light: A Civil War Mystery,Shipwrecks of the Outer Banks,and The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate. http://www.thelostlight.com/LookingGlass2008/Books.html

Dr Kevin’s guest, Julia Watkins, has pioneered an innovative new form of art known as Energism. Based on Tai Chi, these paintings use large colorful swirls that represent energy to demonstrate how people, animals and landscapes... more

Another Week Of Fire Energy March 22 is a master number, meaning it has a high spiritual significance. But other astrological energies make this a week to be careful of driving over the speed limit or not stopping at a red light, as the police... more

New Moon In Pisces, Mercury Into Aries This week, we have a new moon in Pisces. Dr Kevin and Dr Lyn are here to tell us how to take advantage of one of the most spiritual Moon cycles of the year. They also talk about the... more

Today Rochelle Sparrow and Cortney Kane are here to talk with Dr Kevin about their psychic gifts that enable them to bring forth psychic information by channeling spirit guides and creating pictures of the energy that surrounds their... more

A Dynamic Month For New BeginningsSpring is approaching, Mercury is going into Pieces, and our night dreams and daydreams are likely to become more vivid and prophetic. Dr Kevin and Dr Lyn tell us why this is a great time to... more

Sun in Pieces, Full Moon in Virgo Dr Kevin and Dr Lyn talk about America’s first president, George Washington, who was born under the sign of Pieces! This weekend, we will have a full moon in Virgo, which will draw your attention to... more

According to the Chinese astrological calendar, we are moving into the Year of the Tiger. During the next 45 days, Venus and Jupiter will be in conjunction, helping our social calender to expand, and encouraging us to express feelings of... more

Harmony Of Thought and Feeling Dr Kevin and Dr Lyn are here to tell us why this is a good week to think about doing things differently and start making changes in our lives. Both Venus and Mercury will move into a new sign... more