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On this evening's broadcast, we want to take a proactive approach to SUICIDE AND DEPRESSION. We want to go over some of the warning signs, but this evening, we will take time out to PRAY for those who are CONTEMPLATING... more
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Going through? Here's a poetic word for you.

Join Purified Daugher and Prophet Tom Sanders as they bring another word of exhortation from the Holy Spirit. Pressure points are sensitive points in our lives, that make us vulnerable to undue pressure or persuasion that will cut us off... more

Do you know about GOD'S GRACE? Do you know what grace means? Do we even deserve GOD'S GRACE? Join Purified Daughter as she discusses GOD'S GRACE. When you understand GOD'S grace, You'll never be the same.

This is the season of CHRISTMAS but it seems like this season is more about people getting stuff for themselves, their friends, and/or family. So, where does JESUS fit in? Is it really about HIM? We put up lights and christmas trees, and... more

Well, It's time for us to understand the seriousness of UNFORGIVENESS. On tonight's broadcast, we welcome special guest Prophetess Casandra (Purified Daughter). Join us tonight as we discuss a major reason why people can't... more

The Holy Spirit is so forgotten about in prayer. We must form a relationship with HIM because HE is a part of the GODHEAD. The Holy Spirit is our Helper, teacher, and HE will pray the will of the Father. Join us tonight at 7:00 p.m. as... more

Come on now. I know everybody sittin up in church ain't been saved all their lives. Come on now, I know everybody sitting up listening to btr ain't been saved all their lives. Come on somebody, I know GOD done delivered you from... more

Tonight we welcome Street Evangelist Robert Jones. He is a man of GOD who really goes out and does what the TITLE of EVANGELIST demands: go out and spread the GOSPEL. I have witnessed Street Evangelist Jones in action on the... more

Are you sitting in church week after week but still not living right? Maybe you are sitting in church week after week and are not doing what GOD has instructed you to do. Did you know that not everybody sitting in the church building is not... more

We've heard many people saying, "JESUS is LORD of my life", but how many REALLY know what JESUS being LORD really means? Tonight, Bishop Gerald Scott will explore that very question. He will teach us what LORD REALLY... more
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