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As we near the day of celebration of the Resurrection of our Savior, Yahshua Ha'Maschiach a.k.a. Jesus the Christ, I want to TALK ABOUT what HIS death, burial and RESURRECTION means for us right now. Sure, we believe that we... more
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I hear people say "Fake It Till You Make It". In some situations, I guess fakin' it can work, but NOT when it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven. Our Lord and Savior Yahshua Ha'Maschiach/Jesus Christ said in the Book of Revelation, "I'd... more

If you have never been depressed before, then I don't expect you to understand, but maybe tonight you will get an understanding and realize that Everybody can't JUST GET OVER IT! DEPRESSION IS REAL! Never underestimate a person's... more

There are many people who believe that they can continue to live in sin and still be saved. Some teach that since we have made a confession with our mouths that we believe in YAHSHUA, that we are automatically going to the... more

Hi Everybody. I just wanted to encourage somebody today. You may be struggling, but GOD is with you! You may be sick in your body, but GOD is your healer. You may even be having a financial situation, but know that... more

Folk all up in the church house MURDERING one another with backbiting, lies and such! These things should not be! This is a Rebroadcast. Thank you for listening.

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This evening we will discuss the coming forth of Lazurus, Yahshua's friend. Why didn't Yahshua just let him stay dead? What was the reason for the resurrection? Why did Lazurus come forth? Are you dead? Is Yahshua calling YOU forth from... more

This evening's broadcast is about Depression. What is it? Why the stigma? Many people don't understand depression. There are more than one type of depression. Don't be afraid to talk about depression.

Some people don't believe in the devil. They say that he is a fairytale. Some say that the devil has no power and some say he has as much power as Yahshua. Others say that Christians can't be possessed by satan, while others say that... more
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