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Welcome to Our Red Tent Sisterhood! Step out of the BOX and into our CIRCLE. EVERY woman has a story and our mission is for every woman's story to be heard

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visit us at www.ourredtent.com Aurora and Lila get REAL and inspire women to create their reality Life is a Divine Playground. Do you want to play? We talk about our own inspiration, shadow energy, women's empowerment, and Divine... more

If im an advocate for anything, it's about being real and getting messy. I was recently interviewed on Unapologetic Womanhood Radio and the hostess Naima Singletary inspired me to EXPRESS myself. Yes, I always express myself. But I... more

What would our world look like if women initated women in their sexual rights? Women would share their sexual stories, explain the tools they've learned, share the shadow's they've experienced, and help empower their to speak their... more

It's TIME for women to remember the ancient PRIESTESS! The Priestess of Sacred Sexuality has long been lost in our Herstory. On Red Tent Radio reveals the women's mysteries to help women regain our soul pieces and reclaim our... more

Dearest RED TENT sisterhood! On tonight's show Aurora, Katrina, and Zsuszi discuss their perspectives and personal experiences with Marriage, Romance and alternative relationships. We tag this episode as an "EMBRACE THE TABOO... more

Many of us aren't sure what's "healthy" feminine and "healthy" masculine. Is a woman supposed to be more feminine? Is a man supposed to be more masculine? And what happens when we embody one pole over another? On... more

Welcome to Planet Earth! Where TRANSFORMATION is the name of the GAME! Remember our journey is not about the end point. We are here to decondition and unravel ourselves. And on this journey we hit speed bumps, we fall into dark... more

It's time to Speak up! For our own opinions! For our own individuality! For our unique point of view! It's time to speak up for being different than everyone else! And be FEARLESS with our words! I say, Tell us your stories. Authenticity... more

"Have you ever held story-time for your family in an authentic native teepee? Or shared your family's hopes, dreams and prayers in a sweat lodge? Have you ever worked in a large garden and spent time in a hobbit hut under the ground with... more

It is quite possible I am the most emotionally driven human on the face of the earth. I have dedicated the last 7 years supporting women's emotional flows. Reminding us our emotions are cyclical like the moon. Not always shining like... more