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Black Fatherhood in America/ 2012 election

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With all of the talk of absent fathers in African American households, we tend to forget the men who are at home with their children or active in raising their children. They attend ball games, school activities; take their children to church, the mosque and the park. Not only do they do that but they also help mentor or raise other children that are not theirs as well. For all the bad press, there are still black men who step up to the plate and not only do their job but other’s as well! Today on Rant Radio we will have excellent fathers from the twin cities and abroad on the air to tell you their stories and how they feel about the bad press that black men receive on not being there, while being home daily taking café of business.  Tune in November 6th at 5pm CST.  To call in dial 347-826-9600

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