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OWGR™ - "OTHER WORLD GLOBAL RADIO™" with Sandra D. Sabatini & Natalie N. Sabatini. LIVE! Digital Radio Broadcast interviews from the world's leading experts in Expanding Consciousness for Future Living. Topics: *Future technological developments: alternative energy systems *Practical health solutions: dietary changes, alternative medicine *Regenetics and DNA ~ the art of cellular communication *Human history and ancient mysteries : separating fact from myth *Beyond Exopolitics: Global and Cosmic Affairs *Transformative quantum healing and wellness *The science behind meditation, relaxation, creativity, and leisure *Regenerative ecological education ~ creating green solutions *Exploring the frequency behind the human template: symbolic art, music, and neuroacoustics *Examining our future psychosocial systems: the matrix of tomorrow

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Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a professional artist, author, clairsentient astrologer, philosopher, spiritual counselor, and successful entrepreneur. He is over twenty years self-educated in the schools of transpersonal and Jungian psychology, as well as alternative medicine and nutrition. Jason went from being chronically ill for over a decade with numerous "incurable" diseases to a state of perfect health and well-being. He also created, Sunlighten, one of the fastest growing companies in America for three years in a row in the early 2000's. Jason began his shamanic training and mystical schooling remarkably early. From the age of six, his 71-year-old father and spiritual guru began teaching him metaphysics, astrology, how to properly interpret his dreams, meditate, channel, and develop his innate psychic and clairsentient abilities. When Jason was born, his father looked at his hands and said to his mother, "These are the hands of an artist." Subsequently, he encouraged Jason to begin painting as soon as he could hold brush in hand. By the time he was nineteen, he had traveled around the world three times, speaking with his father on the radio, television, and lecturing on a variety of metaphysical, spiritual, and New Age topics.
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EARTHHope ?HURRICANE SANDY? LIVE! Intention Meditation Show STORM CALL - Hearts to UNITE! Friends we are putting out a ?heart call? today to participate in a heart focused intention event to stop and/or deflect the East... more
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