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Social Transformation Through Collaborative Action --- We explore; Transhumanism, Integrative health, System design and Transpartisan public policy 1. Transhumanism: Life extension, morphological freedom, open society, self-transformation, intelligent technology, bio-hacking and quantified self 2. Integrative health: Transpersonal psychology, somatics and energy medicine 3. System design: Renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, student centered learning, Memeconomics and biophylic habitat design 4. Transpartisan public policy: national security , defense reform, education, health , food , monetary and energy

On-Demand Episodes

Jesse Lawler is an entrepreneur, media producer, long-distance cyclist, and devout personal-optimization enthusiast. He is the founder of the mobile app company Evil Genius Technologies, and creator and host of the podcast Smart... more

This week, Laura Murphy, Director of the Washington Legislative Office for the American Civil Liberties Union. Ms. Murphy grew up in a politically active family that advocated citizen action. After campaigning, working on Capitol Hill,... more

Michael and Derek Khanna, Yale Information Society Project Fellow, talk about Derek's Piece in the American Conservative called The Party of Innovation. The article encourages the Republicans to embrace what Khanna calls ?real free... more

This week, John Cappel joins Michael to discuss the Overseas Contingency Operations budget. Cappel work on Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense (BFAD) at the Stimson Center. John and his colleague, Russel Rumbaugh, just... more

Michael sits down with New American Foundation's Open Technology Institute Policy Counsel, Robyn Greene. The two talk about surveillance and the USA Freedom Act, a bill to end bulk collection. The discussion includes explaining... more

Jonathan Bydlak and Rebekah Johansen of Coalition to Reduce Spending join Michael to talk about their organization. The Coalition attacks spending like Grover Norquist's Group, Americans for Tax Reform, attacks taxes. The group... more

Wendy Jordan, Senior analyst for Taxpayers for Common Sense, talks ?turkey? about the F-35 in her new report, ?The Unaffordable F-35.? The report comes completely from unclassified, open sources. Jordan emphasizes that the report... more

Michael and Edward Hudgins (of the Atlas Society) get together that about SPACE and his new book, Space: The Free-Market Frontier. Hudgins explains government boondoggles related to space stations, space regulation, rocketry,... more

Original Mind takes us on an odyssey back to our ?beginner's mind? and into our many undeveloped potentials. Through fascinating research, insights, stories, and engaging practices largely overlooked by other ?brain science? books, neuro-... more

Kenneth Ford is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) — a not-for-profit research institute located in Pensacola, Florida. IHMC has grown into one of the nation's premier... more