Oscar, Oscar!

Jason OBrien

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Here we talk Academy Awards and movies all year long! During film awards season, this is definitely the place to discuss it all!

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Jamey, Garney, and Jason are back together again for the continuation of their lists of the Best Movies of 2013, this time revealing their top ten, and the film that each thought was the absolute best of the year. First, a discussion of this past... more

Here it is! There's something quite special about Oscar Nominations Morning, and join in for the live broadcast of this morning's 86th Annual Academy Award nominations, followed by the immediate reactions and discussions, as well as... more

It's one of our favorite shows of the year, when we get to talk about the movies we most loved in the past year, and tonight, we present the first half of our 2013 Best Of Lists with the ones that couldn't quite make it into the Top 10, but were... more

It's a special Sunday night episode! So with the Christmas and New Year's holidays all behind us, it's time to get seriously re-focused on the 2013 Film Awards Season! Oscar nominations are less than 2 weeks away, so join in... more

It's the last show of the year! And as is tradition, Jason concludes the calendar year with his special Film Music Show! Join in tonight to hear Jason's choices for the best original film scores and best original songs from 2013's... more

Before we can start selecting our best choices for 2013, it's time for that dreaded look back at the movies that most disappointed us this past year. It's easy to usually pick a list of the ten absolute worst films of the year, because... more

Two of the biggest precursor awards announced their nominees this past week, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. As the Film Awards Season prepares to take a break with the Christmas holidays, we'll... more

The 2013 Film Awards Season is in full swing now, with the critics announcing a lot of their choices, including the Los Angeles and New York Film Critics. In addition, the AFI announced their choices for the best film achievements of... more

And so it begins! Hard to believe we're about to close out another year, and that means it's time for the Film Awards Season coverage to begin here on the show! Tonight, we further preview the precursor awards, and discuss the very early... more

It's the month of Thanksgiving, and that always means some delicious food! So tonight, Jamey, Garney, and Jason are back together to reveal and discuss their choices for the 10 best movie scenes involving food. It should be quite the... more