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Something Different Duo,on Pulse of the Northern Neck Radio Show

  • Broadcast in Indie Music
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BIO for Brad Sindle:

But doing the duo with Ash.... well that is REALLY fun and VERY difficult for me as again, I don't read music, and I have battled stage fright all my life.  In other bands I could drink beer to cover it (8 or 9 guys to hide behind and cover any of my mistakes).  But with Ash, it's just me and I don't like to leave my little girl singing alone while this old brain tries to remember the next few chords.  So, I play sober and have finally learned to handle the performance anxiety!  There HAVE been times when I really screw up.......ONCE I just stopped and said "ladies and gentlemen, this IS live music!"  Hey we are all human, and as a wise pilot once said, "as long as you land with the three green lights ON ----(meaning the wheels are down)---- you can cover everything else up 'cause no one in the back will know!"

Ashley's Bio:

I have always loved music, and began singing for family entertainment and home videos shortly after I began speaking. My family always thought I had a gift, but I suffered from terrible stage fright. To this day, being on any stage entirely alone makes my nerves jump. If you think about it, a vocalists’ instrument is entirely personal, which made me hesitant to share it. A pianist can always find a better sounding piano, a guitar player can trade up on his instrument or buy new strings… but a vocalist is dealt their cards at birth! I was 17 when I broke my own rule of sticking to the background and I auditioned for the part of Belle in the Courthouse Players production of Beauty and the Beast. That was the first time I can remember ever singing solo in front of an audience with no fear- I was not me, I was Belle.