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Survivors have a story to tell. What happend in their lives, how they were able to change the outcome of their lives, and what resources may or may not have helped at the time. They may also share tidbits of what might have empowered them more so, had it existed at the time as well. This is their time to tell their story and share it with others, and perhaps serve as an inspiration to others who may be going through other similar situations.

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Through my Domestic Violence Voices fb page, I have been introduced to the works of Shaun C. Singh who had this production on Broadway and is, now, ready to bring it back into production with an updated version and aspirations to take it off Broadway to a city near you. He needs your help to bring everything to fruition. Come and hear about his endeavors and how he is a part of the catalyst for social justice issues -- especially with respect to domestic violence issues (something that he has had direct knowledge about). A great way of sharing his voice in the expression of fine arts. More information found at - Beyond Words Lives is designed as a platform for survivors to tell their own story in their own words. Please feel free to join us for more discussions about how you too can share your voice at on fb or on G+ at
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I knew Sarah as an advocate for women in crisis scenarios, but Sarah has also been setting new goals for women strength standards. She started out her love of competition at an early age playing softball and has loved sports and competing... more

I am pleased to have a guest from Australia with a book that she has authored on the emphasis to "Teach Body Safety Now!" Jay is an experienced primary school teacher, editor, author and publisher. She started her teaching career in... more

Award-winning journalist Daleen Berry broke the silence about her own sexual abuse in a very public way. She wrote an award-winning book, Sister of Silence, that details her journey from victim to survivor. Now university professors, high... more

I met Katy today who represents and works with Mayan Hands and UPAVIM Crafts while attending the Mission Presbytery meetings here in Austin, TX. Prebytery is a collection of leaders from all over the boundaries of the Mission... more

Tamara Neal was born in Baltimore Maryland and has been entertaining family and friends with her poetry since she was old enough to write. It was not uncommon for her to write a poem for a deceased family member and read it at... more

I met Chris Cloyd last year at the World of Hope Fair Trade Market at Hope Presbyterian Church in November 2012. HOPE is a nonprofit corporation created to empower destitute families to lift themselves out of poverty and sickness.... more

I am thrilled to be able to schedule a show with Nina Batts, author, who was born in Ledbetter, Texas, to a single mother and raised primarily by her grandparents. With a strong Christian based upbringing, she moved to Austin, TX, to her... more

I recently met Dr. Lynn Lawrence and was very impressed by her knowledge and the degree of energy she has in a genuine desire to help others. Today, I will have her on the show. Dr. Lynn is a Psychic Psychologist, who was in private... more

The 2013 Texas legislative session is right around the corner, and Austin lobbyists are shifting into high gear. Unfortunately, too many Texans mistakenly believe that the Capitol is open only to insiders, and that their role in public... more

Met Rob online a while back and we have been supporting each others movements for more than a few years(?). Honestly, I don't remember the first time we had interacted/reacted to each other's postings. His movement, "The... more
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