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Survivors have a story to tell. What happend in their lives, how they were able to change the outcome of their lives, and what resources may or may not have helped at the time. They may also share tidbits of what might have empowered them more so, had it existed at the time as well. This is their time to tell their story and share it with others, and perhaps serve as an inspiration to others who may be going through other similar situations.

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Kell Ramos is working hard to make changes in the law so that no one has to get involved with an abuser who has abused before with the upcoming documentary. Our film Misty Dawn shows a perspective we rarely see –... more
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Joanne's husband had a military career and she left to be a survivor without a dime to her name. Her story is about making it, even without having all the monetary means that one would think they would need to leave when leaving. In... more

Beyond Words Live! is a radio show desinged as a platform for survivors to tell their own story in their own words. Join us on Domestic Violence Voices for further discussion on this and other dialogues concerning such issues on fb... more

I've become involved with Kathy Kaplan's activities through my outreach to Australia and their domestic violence awareness activities a few years ago. Recently I have become aware of a newer page of hers, IMPACT FOR... more

Review Social Issues Through the Eye of Cinema -- Cafe Cinema. This video gives a great prelude to the series of shows that will begin to air in January 2014 on Saturdays at 7p on Channel Austin's Cable Channel 16 -... more

The PEACH project is an initiative that integrates domestic violence awareness and education within the medical community. The Acronym PEACH stands for Providers Educating and Advocating for Change and Healing. It was founded by... more

This is a strong survivor who is telling her story this day beginning soon after their son was born. Pregnancy is oftentimes a high risk for domestic violence since the abuser often doesn't know how to show their love to more than one person,... more

Come listen to author, CW Seymore, speak on my show. She writes: (in reference of one of the graphics provided) "The above caption was my constant prayer. This photo was graciously authorized for the inclusion in the book by D. Sharon... more

Mother, Tonya, is coming on the show on this day to tell us the story on behalf of the 21 yr old daughter who was murderd by the father of her children in 2009, since Tyesha cannot speak for herself. Tonya wants the story to be told as she... more

White Bamboo Productions, a non-budgeted film company (ran by college students) based in New York that creates various films, series, documentaries, and more. The film is called ?Vanish? and it's about a troubled man... more

Zoey held the belief that only the weak and ignorant stay. She never imagined she would find herself in an abusive relationship or that she would leave and return and endure for over five years. Now, she is trying to collect the pieces of... more
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