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Survivors have a story to tell. What happend in their lives, how they were able to change the outcome of their lives, and what resources may or may not have helped at the time. They may also share tidbits of what might have empowered them more so, had it existed at the time as well. This is their time to tell their story and share it with others, and perhaps serve as an inspiration to others who may be going through other similar situations. #Project1000000Voices is my efforts to provide a platform for as many voices as possible - especially those who are survivors!

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Her Story: "I started dating a guy in Dec 2012. He told me how his mother past away and his father was a drunk. How his ex was mean to him and everybody gave up on him. Me being a mother felt the need to protect him and show him I was always going to be there. We had a wedding ceremony on 5-4-13 and the abuse physical and mentally started. 5 weeks after that he got really drunk and became angry and extremely violent. On that night as I was trying to calm him down while driving down the road with my 8 year old son in the back seat he had a fit of rage and began to beat the windshield with his fist, then he reached across me and snatched the steering wheel out of my hand and down a 50 ft reven we went. I was cut out by jaws of life and airlifted to the nearest tram a hospital in alabama. When I got there... My advice is, I know your scared and I know what you have been threaten with but if you stand up for yourself in the right way and set your mind to it all things are possible. Call, report, don't hide it, tell everyone you know, get away, you can make it without them!" For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to You may also contact Cari at or #Project1000000Voices
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Domestic violence knows no age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc - including no culture is immune from domestic violence occurring in their relationships as well. The guest today also has her own show on BTR, but comes to my show to... more

Unbelievable turn of circumstances is a great way to describe Laurie who will be talking to us today. I have been enjoying getting to know Laurie and learning more about what she is doing today with her role at Private Quarters (an organization... more

Back in March, we had a show introducting you to the HR 4662 which involves the improvement for health care costs for lymphedema patients. Please join us again today to learn what has been done, what you can do, and what this means... more

For a change of pace, we're changing the format during this show as an experimentation. Come to our chatroom during this time and feel free to ask questions that you might want answered regarding domestic violence issues.

Julianne will discuss her own personal experiences with domestic violence, as well as her involvement in the development of domestic violence programs in rural America, as well as some dilemmas and issues surrounding reaching those in... more
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When I was doing the shows through Real Life Radio Network, these are the archived shows from those days 2/20/2010 through 3/27/2010:02/20/2010 - BEYOND WORDS LIVE! MALE SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC... more

I'm very excited to present to you a show with Denise Wolford who has been dedicated to working towards ending domestic violence through her ministry, All Women Marching for Hope! Denise will share with us her story that led her to... more

A wrap of the past shows we have had in domestic violence and lymphedema issues - a step back to talk about what we have been learning from the past shows and discussing where we are moving towards in the upcoming month.... more
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I must admit that I had a couple of these show under my belt in February, but I was trying to find the show format and the Real Life Radio Network had booked up too many hours on BTR. We both agreed though that BEYONE... more
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I have accomplished 4 shows already...FEB 20 - Male Victim in Domestic ViolenceFEB 27 - Vietnamese Culture and Domestic ViolenceMAR 6 - National Lymphedema Awareness DayMAR 13 - no show ( I was at a conference)MAR... more
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