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The Oracle Treehouse is a weekly psychic development show were we learn about using and developing our psychic abilities. We also invite fellow psychics, mediums, and visionaries on the show to talk about their teachings and books. We also give free one question readings as while. So join us every weekday at 3pm eastern 12pm pacific to learn and develop your own psychic abilities. To contact me for a reading email me at with the word "reading" in the subject line.

On-Demand Episodes

On this episode of the The Oracle Treehouse we are talking about the human auric field, What is it? What's it made of and more, I will all so be doing live free on the air readings.

On this episode of the Oracle Treehouse we are talking about your soul power to heal itself and you, Yes, your soul has the power to heal and I will be showing you how, I will also be talking your call for readings and healings. Join me as... more

On today's episode we will be talking about cells, We are made up of billions and billions of cells. These celsl work everything.Bones, organs, systems. We can talk to our cells. We can heal our cells. We will be talking about this today. Call... more

On this week's show we are talking about the power of healing. How is works, when and when you can get healing and I will be answering your questions and doing healing sessions on the show.

On this week's show I will be talking about the power of your consciousness This is what is really running you your organs your cells your body and your soul. And is very powerful. We are going to talk about it. I will also be taking your calls... more

The Oracle Treehouse welcomes Medical Intuitive and author of Become a Medical Intuitive, Tina Zion. Tina Zion has been practicing and teaching holistic healing for over 30 years. Her life's knowledge has been built by working as a... more

On Today's show we will talk about and explore what it takes to live your dream. I will also be taking your calls for readings and quesitons

On today's show we are talking about healing our money issue. Money has a soul. If you are not making money you have Soul Mind Body blockages in the way of you making money. It has the power to heal itself, You have the power... more

In this day and age Friendships for alot of adults are few and far between. However studies have showed that having at least one or two go friendship help your over all health. Including phyiscal. Join me as I talking about the healing... more
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