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Ancient Civilizations - Antiquated Theories

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Matrix Radio is now involved in a project to bring to the broader public knowledge about the existence of anomalous megalithic stone structures throughout New England. As with the ancient pyramids, massive complexes, huge cities, dolmens, menhirs, circles and other amazing anomalies around the globe, the intriguing stone chambers, walls, and circles of New England are ignored and dismissed as ritualistic structures built by an eccentric and deluded race of primitives. Are the anthropologists, archeologists, and "experts" right, or as deluded and clueless as the primitives they claim did the impossible? And, we'll discuss another anomaly, the fact that almost any search for anything paranormal will bring up endless lists of paranormal "investigators, "teams", or "societies". Is this new craze in pseudo-ghost busting overwhelming the discussion and limiting the range of subjects presented to an unaware public about the paranormal? Does a $15 online certificate, a few hours listening to radio shows, and a week's wages worth of high tech-appearing equipment make you an expert in ghosts, poltergeists, and demons? Join us for an interesting discussion on these and many other subjects that are sure to come up. WARNING, this show has been known to alter reality, evoke spiritual powers, raise social consciousness levels, agitate the powerful elite, weaken mythical barriers, reduce fears, and generally wreak havoc with the status quo. Box cutters are available for anyone needing to be free from one. In the event of a mind-altering experience, epiphany, or out of body experience, please consult the gods for further instructions. This is a matrix-free zone. For links to topics discussed on tonight's show please go to our website Matrix Radio: http://www.thematrixradio.com/ To view Barbara's website go to http://www.barbaradelong.com