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Tonight is our ongoing round-table forum on any and all things paranormal, with ufologists, spiritual guides and researchers, psychics, political and social watchers, and a virtual spiritual rainbow of personalities, all seeking truth, love, and brighter future for all humanity. Patrick Cooke is your guide through the matrix, and your host. We don't just talk about ghosts or UFOs, but witches and wizards, sorcery, enchantment, divination, gods and angels, demons and exorcism, conjuring up the dead, trances, oracles, levitation, OBEs, NDEs, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, telepathy, metamorphosis, glossalia, clairaudience, teleradiesthesia, psychometry, synesthesia, remote viewing, healing, psychics, auras, chakras, electric, glowing, magnetic and indigo people, spontaneous human combustion, pyramids, ancient construction and civilizations, 2012 and other prophecy topics, ancient wisdom, crop circles, cattle mutes, fallen angels, crystal skulls, the paranormal and the Bible, close encounters, every aspect of the UFO phenomena, ball lightning, angel hair, giants, dragons, unicorns, behemoths, satyrs, cockatrices, flying fiery serpents, and leviathans. If we left anything out bring it up and one of us, or someone in the chat room is bound to know something about it. WARNING, this show has been known to alter reality, evoke spiritual powers, raise social consciousness levels, agitate the powerful elite, weaken mythical barriers, reduce fears, and generally wreak havoc with the status quo. Box cutters are available for anyone needing to be free from one. In the event of a mind-altering experience, epiphany, or out of body experience, please consult the gods for further instructions. This is a matrix-free zone.