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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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This Tuesday I want to explore how heresies have grown from a small trickling stream to a mighty roaring river. What has caused all of the garbage that we see in Christiandom today? Is there a solution? WIll things ever get better? We'll... more

Tonight I want to talk about how really mixed up many believers Yeshua are in regards to their identity. Hope you can listen in and participate too

Tonight Pastor Frank will talk about a variety of topics related to the Church and correct conduct. He'll also talk about David's Tabernacle and the unity of the Elect in Christ. Hope you can make it to this show which will be quite enlightning... more

Tonight I will be chatting with Jim Wilhelmsen. We will be discussiing current events and other things. We will also be talking about Jim's thoughts about the Three Frogs of Revelation and how they fit into the present news we hear every... more

Tonight we'll be talking about who we are and what we are as NEW CREATURES in Yeshua (Jesus). Do we have a dual identity? Should old things still matter? I'll also be reading a word that Yahweh gave to me. I think that it's... more

This Tuesday I'll be talking about the ministry of Delusion Resistance and PAAPSI just to inform those who have come upon us lately. I'll be referring to material from my book Unholy Communion and cementing together the fact that... more

Frankly folks, I've become overwhelmed by all of the false doctrine that is coming into the Church of Yeshua in these last days. Tonight I'd like to address complacency and compromise within the Church Body and the Spirit of Political... more

This Tuesday we'll sit down with Jonathan Gray. We will discuss new discoveries. We will also discuss how the governments of this world take many archaeological finds that prove the Bible to be cocrrect and they confiscate them, never to be... more

This Tuesday we'll be talking with Michael Ian Henry, the host of Area33-Live radio show. Mike is going to be launching his radio show in the near future and we want to get our audience acquainted with him, his format and what he's all... more

Tonight's episode was supposed to be with Jonathan Gray. For reasons we don't know Jonathan didn't call in. In his stead we read some of his material and talk about it tonight. Please remember, this is a pre-recorded interview so nobody... more