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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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It seems that these days so many people are coming out with strange doctrines and little "tweaks" of scripture using unorthodox methods. It is imperative that as believers in Yeshua (Jesus) we stand on the right foundation, the Solid Rock and... more

Hello Everyone. Tonight David and Frank will be talking about current events and current "churchly" trends as they relate to scripture. This is a sort of free talk night. As always, your calls are always welcomed.

This Saturday night we will be interviewing C.K Quarterman, the Christian author of Fallen Angels - Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order. C.K. wrote his book feeling the need to educate people to be forewarned and to help... more

This Saturday we will be interviewing Gordie Tong. Gordie is a believer with a wonderful research ability and he's an authority on many subjects that we currently research. This Saturday Gordie will be telling us about The Montauk... more

This Tuesday we were supposed to interview Gordie Tong. We were not able to connect with Gordie. We will talk to Gordie this next Saturday. Tonight's episode was a free talk night with a variety of subjects. Gordie is a believer in Yeshua... more

Tonight Frank will be talking more about the Nicolaitan as well as more insights into harnessing free energy and the mechanics of what it really is. We hope that you join us for another great show.

This Saturday night Frank will talk about "Rightly Dividing The Word." There is a correct way to read and interpret scripture and Frank will show us how this is done. Reading the Bible and understanding it correctly will lead to... more

This Tuesday we will be interviewing Jonathan Gray. Jonathan has been sending some very interesting newsletters and we are going to be talking to him about new discoveries and such. Jonathan will be on the show for our first hour. The... more

I got a mail from Jonathan Gray saying that he won't be able to make it home for this week's show. So, he is rescheduled for next week, the 31st of July. This week Frank and I will be talking about some of the newer doctrines that are... more

This Saturday we'll be talking with Pastor Frank Castanette. As you probably know, Frank is way up to speed with Free and Alternative Energy forms and just got back from an Energy Conference. HE's going to be telling us all about the... more