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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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Tonight Dave and Jim will be talking off the cuff about things. We plan on talking about some very cool happenings in our walks with Yeshua (Jesus) and probably other things. We encourage you to call in to tell us about some neat things... more

This Sunday night we will be interviewing John Darnell, a pastor and researcher from Canberra, Australia. John is the author of two books; "Satanic Strategies in the 21st Century," and "The Gospel to Every Creature." John has... more

Tonight Jim and Dave will be talking about false prophets; not just the blatant false prophets, but also the ones that forecast this and that and just take a pass card when they are proved to be wrong. How should false prophets be treated... more

This Tuesday Jim Wilhelmsen will be coming back for a talk about a variety of subjects. There has been a lot going in our arena that we'd like to discuss with the audience.

We're living in an unpredicented time. Never before, perhaps since beforen Noah's flood has society been so evil, so fragmented and so chaotic. What are we supposed to do during these times? So many believers are damaged, hurt or... more

Tonight I'm going to be talking about The Great Falling Away that is mentioned in Scripture. What is the great falling away anyway? Is it people leaving faith in Messiah for other faiths? Is it "changing" the faith for what their hearts perceive... more

In this episode we'll continue to look at the question of "should a Christian practice Martial Arts," and we'll also look at Christianity and Yoga. We'll also look at the question of bringing former pagan Native American practices into... more

Tonight I'll be talking about several things. First I want to look at Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson. Both of these men go by the title of "Reverend." What does "reverend" mean? Is it a good title to use? Are these men really believers in... more

Tonight I will be talking with Ken Ralls. Ken is a neat brother that, from all observances, has a parallel ministry and life with mine. Ken and I will be talking about prepping for the bad times ahead as well as current events. We will also... more

While flying back from Israel I had the blessing of sitting across the aisle from Greg Gulbrandsen, a Christian archaeologist. We talked quite a bit about his mission and his ministry. Tonight we'll talk with Greg and get the whole scoop... more