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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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We know that there are, at this time two separations of what we know to be "Corporate Israel." There is Judah, which includes some of every tribe, but most Judah, Banjamin and Levi. However, the Lost 10 Tribes, known as Ephraim, are... more

Tonight we're going to talk about the Charismatic Movement and how the Mellennial Generation is being affected by the twisting of scripture. It's very easy to see how this generation could be the Omega Generation; the... more

Tonight I want to look at the Persecution of Yeshua by the Yehudim of His time. Many versions say, "the Jews" when talking about Yeshua's detractors. However, this phrase is a bad trranslation of the Greek, and we'll see how it should be... more

Why is it that UFOs can appear from nowhere? How is it that they can just disappear or shoot out of the atmosphere at an impossible speed? Why do some UFOs just disappear into the ground? Are some UFOs something other than... more

Well, I never thought I'd see the day when so many Christians are condoning the use of Marijuana, not just for medicinal use, but for recreational use. We'll look at that tonight. Are there alternatives? Is Marijuana really the answer? Also, if we... more

This Saturday we have a real treat. Jim and Dave are going to interview Bobby Powell, a Christian Activist that an author on WesternJournalism.com as well as the author of Truth Is Viral, that can be found on Facebook as well as... more

Tonight I'm going to present a controversal subject that many cults have used to go down the wrong path. Even today people like those who lead the NAR pervert the scriptures that we will examine tonight to write off Israel ad a physical race... more

A cornucopia is a horn of plenty. This Saturday we're going to open up the doors to a variety of subjects; things we've talked about before like: same but opposite, phone rapture, phony resurrectiond, the Nephilim and anything anyone... more

Tonight we'll talk about Christian Extremism. Where does it stem from and what perpetuates it? Why do so many people feel drawn to things that aren't sanctioned by scripture or flat out go against scripture. We'd like your input too. Feel free... more

This coming Saturday, 01/24/2015, Russ Tanner from globalskywatch.org will be with us to tell us about his research into the Chemtrail phenomenon. Russ has done extensive research and his website is one of the most concise... more