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Inspirational Consultant

OPhelia Chamberlain


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You think well, no one has ever seen a thought. If thought are things, what does a thought look like? Well look at it like this. Tell me what does electricity look like? What does wind look like? You cannot see electricity only the results of at such as light, heat machinery etc. Also you cannot see the wind only the results of such as tornados or a bad wind storm. So it is with thought. We cannot see a thought but we can see the results of a thought. Thoughts are things. The proof of this is all around you. First we must understand that the science behind this is simple, providing we understand some universal laws or facts. We emit thoughts (energy). Emit meaning we send out or bring forth. Thoughts do not just stay in our head; they are pure energy sent forth from our bodies into the universe. This energy travels outward. Understand that everything is made of energy. Energy consisting of atoms, electrons protons etc is all pure energy. If you would break down everything you see around you, including yourself, it is all energy at a lower or higher level of vibration. Atoms and molecules produce physical objects such as food, animals and human bodies.

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