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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it id accepted as being self-evident.

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Tea coffeee and crumpets, Tonight guest apperance Mrs.Cliven Bundy. A true daughter of what America used to stand for. Hosted By Daughters of Liberty

?Contemporary debates about the meaning of the Second Amendment—is it a collective right or an individual right?—would have been incomprehensible to the Founders. Everyone at the time agreed that the federal... more

We, at Daughters of Liberty, fight for our veteran rights every chance we get. We believe in the Statement of ?No Soldier is EVER left behind?. We would like to offer assistance to all Veterans, in any way that we can. HOWEVER…..we... more

Tonight we welcome Ryan Payne. Open Discusion with Mr. Payne. Please Call in if you have any questions. Hosted By Kristen

The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten Hosted by Dawn Appleberg & Kristen Join us as we discuss the abuse, bring out the truth and expose this as well as discuss possible recourse for the affected. Its time this... more

Manny Vega... Bleeds Red White And Blue A Brief Bio Manuel E. Vega, a Marine Corps Veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq, Was threatened with a possible eviction from his apartment complex if he did not remove two flags -... more

Impeachment Articles have been delivered to all 535 members of congress. Documents were prepared by Attorney Michael Connolly a constitutional Attorney. All we need at this point is for them to be brought to the floor... this can be... more

Hello Americans: May 16th 2014 is around the corner.... and with it; Operation American Spring. The organizer of this event, Silver Star recipient Col. Harry Riley, USA Ret. wants to give the government one last chance to... more

We the People of the United States, Want the trruth! Becky Williams, Sigmund VonWelf and other invited Guests will be speaking on Benghazi. What happed on on Septemeber 11, 2012 Facts will be discussed. The lies will be covered.... more

WHO IS THE BLM? Becky Williams & Sigmund VonWelf will be covering the following. Explanation of the BLM Breakdown of The BLM BLM victums Guest Speaker Q&A CALLER PARTICIPATION. The Hosts of this program have done... more