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Ladies and Gentlemen; Welcome to Open Your Soul Radio. This is a new and personal direction personified with the presentation of an open medium that promotes the freedom of self-expression, the encouragement of actual depth and stimulating dialogue -- Unedited. Unscripted. Unrestricted. It is in this mental arena that the N.A.P. (Not All Police) are shot, stabbed, and burned on sight…and where personal accountability, a sense of humor, and all the intangibles that are often overlooked & equally unwelcome within those in possession of a microwave-driven mentality. [Translation] -- those who refuse to ’think past Friday’… This is a Public Service Announcement to those who perceive drama as a ‘measure of substance’; Actions and words do have consequences so for every attention-whore, beautiful retard (non-gender specific title), etc. -- Common Sense is the best contraceptive…for it is literally hard as hell to poke holes thru it…

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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen; you know what it is….the title alone should speak for itself….

Description Coming Soon...Hehehehe...

It is the face of an ever so popular yet overtly costly clashing of genders that a breaking point must exist. This episode will stand as an open invitation to every man across the board, stemming from all walks of life, to enter this forum as a... more

Welcome back, class for another episode of Open Your Soul Radio -- Take it for what you believe it is but as usual,do bring your thinking caps and a sense of humor...

Welcome back, class. In the midst of us making/breaking personal resolutions for 2010, tonight I encourage my peers to not only listen to the lessons at hand but submit those of your own as well. This measure of diverse dialogue should and... more

Come one...Come all for today we gather together and celebrate the legion of characters that unwittingly propel us forward to heights that we could never imagine -- all at their expense. Today, we openly recognize and cherish the... more

Given the notion that this will be the inaugural episode, the best option is to formally address the ominous ’pink elephant within our communities’ or in Lame men’s terms -- the diverse sense of brokenness within our societies.... more