Opening The Doors of Change

Opening The Doors of Change


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"Open the Doors" to positive change with author, speaker, and coach Chris Lee.

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An important part of creating positive change in your life is caring for your physical health. There are an estimated 7 million cases of undiagnosed diabetes in the United States. Learn how to spot the warning signs and more... more

Dreams are the starting point for great businesses, products and movements. But how do you go from being a dreamer to the actions that lead to greatness? What's stopping you from acting on those great ideas that have been running... more

Empowerment coach and author Versandra Kennebrew is back with her latest creative release, ?Prosperity - Poetic Prose for Life Transformation?, a collection of poetry and prose set to music. We will discuss the healing power... more

What is it that you've always dreamed of accomplishing or achieving? Do your dreams feel alive or out of reach? Learn how today's guest held on to her dreams and is reaping the rewards of her relentless determination. This episode of... more

Every ache and pain in your body is a message, a request for change. Learning to decode these important messages leads to increased health and wellness. How? Through infinite love & gratitude. Thought leader and author Dr. Darren... more

Have you always dreamed of working for yourself? Are you tired of punching the clock? Entrepreneurship is not always as easy as it looks, but many do it and love it. Are you cut out for entrepreneurship? What are some of the skills needed... more

Do you believe that it is possible to heal chronic illness without the use of prescription drugs and/or surgeries? Today's guest Laura Mayer did just that. Listen in as she share's her miraculous healing journey with you. It started with... more

Drifting day by day through life can leave one feeling unfulfilled and lost. On the other hand, living life on purpose helps us as well as those around us. Have you found your purpose in life? Today's show focuses on living life with a purpose.... more

Have you ever had an idea or cause that you felt great about, so great in fact that you felt like you could change the world...but over time your motivation waned? How can you overcome fear, doubt and discouragement? Tammy... more

Have you ever said to yourself "What the heck is the Law of Attraction anyway?" Well take a listen to get some answers to the questions that you've always wanted know about the Law of Attraction. Learn how it's already working in your life and... more