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Providence on the air presents "Open Book," a weekly spiritual book club designed to open minds about questions of spirituality. We believe that if you're looking for God, all you need to do is open a book!

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Rock journalist Steve Turner turns a serious eye on Holy Week with a poem that's sure to challenge your perception of the crucifixion. How are we complicit in Jesus' death? What significance does this death have for us today? And how are we to cope when we feel abandoned by our loving God? Join Lori and Alice as they discuss all this and more! There's no better way to embrace Holy Week!
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One looks at the world as a scientist and can surely see the signature of our Great Creator in all things, right? Lori and Alice discuss the ongoing human challenges of coming to peace with science and religion during our time... more

We cannot talk fully about Christmas without talking about Mary! Who was Mary? Why should we be interested in her? And how is she relevant to the world today? Join Lori and Alice as they discuss quotations from the saints and... more

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you know the stranger inside yourself? Have you ever headed off on a journey of self-discovery? Join Lori and Alice today for all these topics and more as we discuss Paolo Coelho's book, "Aleph". S

What does a book about America's take-over of Hawaii have to do with spirituality? It all started with missionaries! As Christians, we are compelled to spread the Good News about Jesus and bring others into our faith. This... more

We are pulling out an oldie, but a goodie this week! When life feels difficult - does it help to know that it is SUPPOSED to be difficult? Lori and Alice look forward to the discussion and insight that today's show wil undoubledly bring!

There are no easy answers when it comes to homelessness, but there is always hope in God. That's the theme of today's on-the-air book club selection, "Squat," the story of a young man named Squid trying to stay alive on the streets of... more

Silence can be a difficult place for many of us. Yet - silence is a necessary part of human existence. We hope you will join us today for a lively discussion about silence - strange as it sounds!

How does a spiritual person vote her faith? What issues should be foremost in our minds as we head to the polls? Writer Monica Johnson once observed that our votes should reflect our God, but what exactly does that mean? Please join Lori... more

Do you ever feel that if other people knew the TRUE you, they wouldn't like you? Do you worry that you have too much self-confidence or do you suffer from feelings of low self-esteem? Do you find yourself feeling tired, overly-busy,... more

With the synod of bishops bringing new hope that the Catholic Church may be reaching out to gays, and with recent Supreme Court decisions bringing greater marriage equality, today's topic seems timely indeed! One of the plot points in... more