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Providence on the air presents "Open Book," a weekly spiritual book club designed to open minds about questions of spirituality. We believe that if you're looking for God, all you need to do is open a book!

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You've probably heard the parable of the Prodigal Son often; so often you've stopped wondering about it. Yet there is so much more to glean from this story! Author Henri Nouwen plumbs the depth of this rich story in his book "The... more

Join Lori and Alice today as they dip their toes into quotations that take us on a Buddhist pathway to fearlessness and compassion in our daily lives. Don't miss us this week!

It's such a simple parable: A young man demands his inheritance and leaves home for a life of debauchery. Later, realizing his folly, he returns, to the forgiving embrace of his father. Yet there is so much nuance in the parable of The... more

How far will a parent go to protect their child? What moral problems lie beneath such decisions? Andre Dubus' beautifully crafted short story "A Father's Story" will make you think about life in the most profound way! Join Lori and Alice as they... more

What can we learn about ourselves and our faith from a white preacher and his wife and 4 girls after they move in 1959 from comfort and safety in the United States to the jungles of Congo in Africa to save souls? Lori and Alice look... more

Lori and Alice take a second look at a beloved book, "My Life with the Saints" by James Martin, to uncover such subjects as falling in love with God, finding God through failure and weakness, Jesus' hidden life, the Annunciation, disagreeing... more

Join Lori and Alice this week for a discussion about what it means to really understand and have a relationship withGod as we discuss J.I. Packer's book "Knowing God". We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

We return to the often confounding, yet often enlightening, world of Franco Ferrucci's novel, "The Life of God (As Told by Himself)," a faux first-person autobiography of The Almighty. Join Lori and Alice as they discuss the nature of... more

Suppose God sat down and wrote his memoirs. What would he have to say about creation? About humankind? About notable figures like Moses and Jesus? Author Franco Ferrucci imagines this very thing in his novel "The Life of God (As Told... more

What does it mean to be Providence in our world? What does Providence challenge each of us to in our lives? Lori and Alice discuss Providence and the movement of God in their lives on this week's show. We hope you will carve out... more