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Providence on the air presents "Open Book," a weekly spiritual book club designed to open minds about questions of spirituality. We believe that if you're looking for God, all you need to do is open a book!

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Though better known as a scholar, St. Thomas Aquinas also wrote passionate poetry that remains as vital and relevant today as it was in his time. On this show, Alice and Lori will examine some of this poetry and discuss themes such... more

Lori and Alice discuss Anita Diamant's novel, "The Red Tent". The novel retells the Genesis story of Dinah. Look forward to some edgy discussion!

Do marriage, parenthood and life impose harsher strictures on women than men? Do churches ameliorate or exacerbate the situation? Are feminism and religion diametrically opposed? These questions and more will be discussed as Alice... more

Lori and Alice discuss a quote from Gregory Boyle's book "Tattoos on the Heart". Boyle is a Jesuit priest who has spent his life working with the gangs in Los Angeles, CA.

Join Lori and Alice as they discuss this well-known gem from Romantic poet Leigh Hunt. They'll explore topics ranging from the transfiguration of the ordinary to the debate over which religion is "the one true faith." Don't miss it!

This week Lori and Alice discuss a topic about institutuional church from the book "The Habit of Being" by Flannery O'Connor.

What impact does marriage — and sex — have on spirituality? Are they compatible? Alice and Lori discuss ideas from C.S. Lewis' book "The Four Loves," touching on the edicts of St. Paul, the purpose and power of sex, and... more

Lori and Alice discuss an eye-opening quote about being alone from Sheldon Vanauken's book "A Silent Mercy: C.S. Lewis's Influence on a Tragic and Moving Love Story".

What was the nature of Original Sin? How does it continue to affect us today? Lori and Alice talk about this and much more as they explore the poem "Contraband" by Denise Levertov.

This week Lori and Alice will discuss the spiritual themes in the novel "Water for Elephants". Was the novel related in any way to the story of Jacob in the Bible? Tune in to find out!