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Becoming aware when life changes and what we can do to improve all aspects of life, especially when tragic events happen to us.

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No worries! It's only for a moment! After driving over 100,000km I have decided to sit still for a moment and explore the beautiful West Coast of Canada. Winter is fast approaching and I am here to plan my journey to Alaska. If you have... more

Have you noticed that over the past several years your zest for life has diminished? That you just do not feel like doing the same thing you did yesterday and the day before? Very few people can take drastic steps to change... more

Have you ever had an idea and shared it with someone you trust and by the time you finish discussing it with them....your dream suddenly feels ridiculous or out of reach? This happens all the time and this is the reason so many people continue... more

Whether we are saying good -bye because we are breaking up with someone or we are leaving town....it is difficult to do. The words...good-bye evoke emotions that range from whistful to sadness. But good-bye always means... more

Life and time continues to fly by and I cannot believe how quickly life switches up! A new addition to my family this week makes me even more aware of the importantance of doing everything I can everyday to reach my goals. Are you... more

Are you being bullied in some way? Do you even understand that the behaviour of someone else towards you is in fact bullying? Perhaps you think it is normal to be treated in such a way? Whether it is personal or business....is some one is... more

So what have you done since last Wednesday? Did you make a change? Have you been able to sustain the changes you made? And....how is making the change working out for you? If you wanted change but procrastinated and made... more

What have you done to further your dreams? Have you taken any steps to attain a goal since last week? If not...why not? Did life get in the way? Were you too busy? Too distracted? Well there is nothing like a death or someone we love... more

Are you a nit picker? Do you have to have everything your way? Are you living a life that, if you are so fortunate to be able to chooose how and when you are going to die, you don't have to go around making a lot of apologies? This past... more

Changing not only the picture in your head but physically can change your whole outlook on your entire life! Even changing the route you take to work or changing the path you walk will change everything about your world.