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On The Real with DrX Debra

On The Real with Dr. Deb


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On The Real with Dr. Deb is a show that focuses on Black relationships: Couples, families, friendships, spiritual, health, etc. Dr. Debra, a credentialed therapist (and faith-based practitioner), has a mission in life is to help uplift and empower Black relationships.

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If we weren't so human we could have figured out how to live as one. But the world that we've created, yes that we created, makes unity near impossible. Family, we have a real problem. Let's gather at the kitchen table and talk about... more

The most positive result from the 2016 Presidential election is that the newly elected President is decidedly a racist and has the Electoral College's consent—a significant number of Americans that agree with him.... more

Today I want to invite the family to do something to change how we each respond to racism. It's everywhere (even in the air) but we have to stop hiding from it or pretending that it's not there. See at the kitchen table.

If you cannot empathize with the cause of Black Americans in response to the recent fatal shooting of unarmed Black men and boys then don't look now but your racist past has caught up with your racist present. Lets make meaning of... more

I've said more than a few times that America cannot move on from our horrible racist legacy if we keep ignoring it. Funny or not so funny thing about our racist elephant is that the more we ignore it the larger it becomes. Pretty soon there... more

Lets have a bit of solution talk about moving past this very painful relationship we have with ourselves and each other concerning racism. I know we have to admit that it exists, but I think we're clear (by the recent deaths--police and Black... more

Have you ever wondered why we wait so long to take care of a health concern. Too many of us rather die than see a doctor. Then there are those of us who are always at the doctor. We know something is wrong but we can't figure out what.... more

"Come' on Man!" Yes, this statement applies to what we are doing and are not doing as it relates to racism. We are not speaking up, we are not owning up; and without either of these elements, NOTHING will change. Join me in an hour at... more

We really don't want to talk about racism, because we stand to lose too much. Join me at 11:30 Central Time and let's talk about what we stand to lose. Later. It's on now, family. See you at the kitchen table.

We are perhaps the most diversity conscious nation in the world. We're known for inviting others to join our family and become Americans. Now that we are all here what are we doing to keep our family functioning healthly. I'm keeping the... more