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OnPoint with Cynthia Hardy

Cynthia Hardy


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OnPoint! with Cynthia Hardy is heard weekly throughout South Carolina on the Big DM 101.3 fm. These are previously aired shows.

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Notice how everything seems to cost more these days, yet our paychecks are not getting any BIGGER? If you are like most people you are looking for ways to cut costs to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. One place to start... more

Now that the Healthcare Reform Bill has become the law of the land, the bill has gotten mix reactions,13 state attorneys general--including SC's--joined together to overturn the bill by filing a joint lawsuit and the bill has also prompted what... more

The 2010 Census forms are being delivered throughout the country this month. The U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States, and is required by the Constitution to take place every 10 years. The Census will help... more

A Tennessee CEO sent an email comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee. Many say the First Lady is the target of such jabs because her skin is 'browner', not the more palatable light skin that seems to be preferred... more

What do men want, naughty girls or good girls? And why do good girls like bad boys? This week on OnPoint! we talk to author and talk show host Alan Roger Currie, comedian Akintunde, and radio personality Neek to discuss the root... more

The African American community has a host of challenges and many say the Black Church is needed more than ever to address these issues. This week on OnPoint! we welcome leaders in South Carolina's faith community to talk about... more

Ladies-Got a question for you. If your man cheats and its public, do you go or do you stay? Jenny Sanford chose to leave, Hillary Clinton stayed. Tiger Woods wife is also trying to work it out. Whatever you decide to do--stay or go--how do... more

President Obama says every child needs a caring adult in his or her life. While some children look to their parents, others need more help from the community. This week on OnPoint! we are answering the President's Call for more... more

South Carolina's bad education picture just got worse. Hardly any South Carolina schools met the education goals. Now it looks like more budget cuts are on the way and this time its really drastic. There is talk of furloughing teachers and... more

Haiti has always received what African Americans thought was ill-treatment by the US. For example, their boats are sent back to Haiti while Cubans are allowed to stay if they make it to shore. This week on OnPoint! we talk to Haitian to... more